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  1. restroom trailers purchased with section 179
    Last Chance to Buy Restroom Trailers with Section 179
    The end of the year will be here before you know it. It is your last chance to buy restroom trailers with the 179-tax advantage. Companies may be eligible to receive a deduction that offsets their purchase expense.  What is the 179 Tax Advantage? Businesses can use the 179-tax advantage to receive a deduction on the qualifying equipment they purchased or financed during the tax year. Restroom trailers will make your company eligible for a write-off. Purchase one before the end of the year to save on your 2023 taxes.  The tax advantage can be used for deductions on the following equipment:  Software that has not been customized and is available to the public for purchase Work vehicles that can’t be used for personal use including trailers and forklifts Office furniture Computers Other equipment used on the job Restroom trailers are considered qualifying equipment. You will be eligible for a deduction if the trailer is new to the company at the time of purchase.  Am I Eligible for the 179 Tax Advantage? Any registered business can be eligible for a 179-tax advantage. To qualify, restroom trailers must be used for business purposes more than 50% of the time.  How Much is the Deduction Limit? In 2023, businesses can receive a deduction of up to $1,160.000. The equipment purchase limit is $2,890,000.  You can use the Section 179.org tax deduction calculator to determine how much your deduction will be. The amount will be based on the cost of equipment and your tax bracket.  How Do I Get the Deduction? You can get the deduction through IRS form 4562 which is used to claim deductions for tangible and intangible items. If you do your taxes, make sure to fill out the form.  If you have a tax prep expert do your taxes, they are likely to be aware of the form. But you may want to remind them to fill it out for you.  How Can Businesses Benefit? Lowers Expenses: Makes equipment more affordable Generates Income: Generates income for businesses buying and selling the equipment Pay Off Loans Quickly: Businesses earn deductions the same year as their purchases, so they pay off loans quickly Increased Revenue: Provides an affordable way for businesses to purchase equipment so they can use it to earn revenue Generates Growth: Businesses can invest the money they save into other parts of their company to generate growth Good for Startups: Startups can take advantage of affordable purchases to get up and running sooner Purchase Restroom Trailers for Optimal Deductions Now is the perfect time to purchase restroom trailers and take advantage of the section 179 deduction. If you file your return quickly, you will get your deduction in a matter of months. You will get the money you need to pay off your loan and enjoy optimal cash flow.  Portable Restroom Trailers is your source for bathroom trailer purchases. Our wide selection ensures you will find the perfect trailer for your professional needs. Our experienced experts offer a high level of customer satisfaction.  Contact us to learn which of our affordable products will earn you optimal tax savings. 
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  2. events with luxury restroom trailer
    Luxury Restroom Trailer for Eventlink
    Off-site events require restroom trailers. Trailers improve guests’ comfort levels and will show your business in the best light. If you are planning an upscale event, a luxury restroom trailer is the best option.  EventLink hosts unique events. They create experiential and digital marketing campaigns. Many of their live events require a portable bathroom.  PRT is proud to call EventLink a client. Read on to find out more about their luxury restroom trailer purchasing experience.  About EventLink EventLink provides comprehensive services for companies ready to launch marketing campaigns. They take care of everything from the design to the build to the execution. They also provide analytics, so you know how well your event performed.  Over the years, the company has created several programs that help companies increase their marketing efforts. They offer RSVP events & portals, CRM management, web development, and text and email campaigns. Their ODC platform is a comprehensive lead management tool.  Consumers can also take advantage of their warehouse locations. Their 50,000-foot warehouse spaces are located in multiple locations.  They house tents and accessories, furniture, display properties, safety equipment, and more. Their trailers help companies transport the assets to their events.  Their training services provide brand education to your crew. They will help you match the best talent for your events. They will convert your field staff into brand advocates.  The company’s hospitality and PR ensure every event is a success. They provide an expert staff, food and beverage coordination, and ideal venues. They will find the perfect entertainment and audio/visual services will take your affair to the next level.  EventLink’s Luxury Restroom Trailer EventLink needed a trailer that would make a good impression on guests who attended their events. It had to be durable and easy to clean. It had to be large enough to accommodate their guests.  They chose the 11-Station Coastal Series. The 11 Station Coastal Series is a luxury restroom trailer that will give your guests a taste of the sea. It features a two-tone gray and white nautical interior. Its soft ambient lighting produces a serene atmosphere. Its Starlight Wave mosaic backsplash carries the beachy theme.  The many restroom suites ensure it can handle larger events leaving no one to wait in line. Its women’s suite features five private stalls and a double-sink vanity. The men’s suite features two private stalls, four urinals, and a double-sink vanity.  The unit is climate-controlled for optimal comfort. It features air conditioning and heat strips. The 4-season add-on ensures it will be protected in the coldest temperatures. Its water heater guarantees a warm hand wash regardless of the weather outside.  The exterior features sturdy aluminum steps and rails and ample lighting to ensure safe entry. Other features include a 930-gallon waste tank and a 200-gallon onboard freshwater tank. The fresh, clean interior and durable exterior make it a preferred option.  We offer a wide selection of trailers that are ideal for events. Our products range from affordable to luxury restroom trailer options. Choose from smaller and larger sizes to find the right trailer for your professional needs.  Contact us to learn more about our wide range of products. 
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  3. construction team uses shower rentals
    Shower Rentals for Ellis Construction
    Construction workers often work at outdoor sites for long hours. Shower rentals can help them get through their busy day. They provide comfort, improve mood, and increase productivity.  Portable Restroom Trailers has worked with several construction companies to help them find shower rentals that are suited to their employees' needs. Ellis Construction is a preferred customer. Read on to find out about the company’s purchasing experience. About Ellis Construction Ellis Construction is in Stevens Point, WI. Their service suite includes design and build, construction management, and general contracting. They have been in business for over 90 years.  The company is dedicated to a “Built Right” philosophy. Their designs and methods are flexible and responsive. They can work as planners, chief builders, and project managers to oversee every aspect of your project.  Ellis also focuses on community involvement. Their employees and executives have made Stevens Point one of the best areas to live in. They support several charities, educational programs, civic organizations, and business associations.  The firm’s dedication comes through in the care it shows for its workers. Their dedication to employee satisfaction is evident in their shower rentals. Employees who have access to a shower during their workday can wash bacteria off their skin and soothe sore muscles.  Showering also improves mood. It helps workers refresh during their workday and come home feeling clean.  Shower rentals also boost productivity. A shower break helps workers return to work feeling focused and energetic. It means they don’t have to go home to shower if they need to go somewhere after work. It will allow them to work longer days.  Workers will also work harder for a company that cares about them. Shower trailers show workers their employers are looking out for their well-being.  Ellis Construction’s Shower Rentals Choice Ellis Construction needed a shower trailer that was durable and easy to clean. They required one that would accommodate their crew size. They chose the 8-Station Optimum Series. The 8 Station Optimum Series features eight private shower stalls. Each is equipped with an aluminum fold-up bench. They are surrounded by 1” thick gray plastic partitions and stall doors.  The interior features a white textured FRP wall finish and gray TPO raised coin flooring. It is equipped with four sink vanities. The comfortable environment is maintained by two wall-mounted exhaust fans, an AC, and heat strips. The on-demand propane water heaters ensure water is maintained at a comfortable temperature.  The exterior features white aluminum siding with anodized aluminum trim. The two heavy-duty entry and exit doors with continuous hinges provide reliable access. The sturdy aluminum steps and railing and ample lighting ensure safe entry.  Other features include a 1000-gallon waste tank and two 60# propane tanks located on the tongue. The two 6,000 lbs. axles keep the unit secure.  Portable Restroom Trailers offers various shower trailers that keep work crews happy and productive. We also offer shower/restroom combos that provide optimal convenience. Shop our selection to find the products that are best suited to your professional needs.  Contact us for a free quote and learn more about what we have to offer. 
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