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  1. events with a portable bathroom trailer
    Portable Bathroom Trailer for St. John's Chapel Tilghman's Island
    A portable bathroom trailer is a terrific addition to outdoor church events. It provides guests with comfort during special occasions. It helps the church generate much-needed income.  Portable Restroom Trailers has worked with several churches. We are proud to call St. John’s Chapel Tilghman’s Island a preferred client. We helped them make their events a success.  About St. John’s Chapel Tilghman’s Island St. John’s Chapel Tilghman’s Island was originally established in 1891. It was founded as a Methodist congregation at the southern end of Tilghman’s Island, a scenic island in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. The church was founded by a group of Trustees and mainly served villagers in Fairbank and Bar Neck.  The church remained active until the 1970s. Despite its inactivity, its grounds, historic chapel, and cemetery were maintained by the Friends of St. John’s Chapel.   St. John’s eventually reopened. It offers non-denominational Sunday morning service. It also hosts services on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  The church is known for its lovely vintage interior and exterior. It features tin walls, a tin ceiling, and original stained-glass windows. A working bell tower sits in its chapel. Its “Joy’s Garden” is an ideal spot for meditation.  The Portable Bathroom Trailer St. John’s Chose St. John’s needed a portable bathroom trailer for their weddings and other outdoor events. The bathroom had to be comfortable and attractive. It had to be suited to the size of the event the church was hosting.  They decided to purchase the 2-Station Affordable Advantage Series. The 2-Station Affordable Advantage is an economic option. It features a clean, fresh interior. The heavy-duty fold-up stairs and rails offer safe access.  The women’s suite of this portable bathroom trailer features a toilet and sink vanity. The men’s suite features a toilet, sink vanity, and urinal. It’s an attractive choice thanks to its beveled mirrors, gray silk fiberglass walls, white poly base cabinets, jet-tile rolled flooring, and Maple Meadow countertops.  The unit is 11 feet making it a compact option. It features a 100-gallon onboard freshwater tank and a 370-gallon waste tank. Its durable exterior ensures it will withstand the test of time.  Here are some other options that are perfect for church events.  2 Station Oahu Series: The 2 Station Oahu Series is a versatile choice. Its men’s suite features a toilet, urinal, and sink vanity. Its women’s suite features a toilet and sink vanity. It is designed with modern flooring and color-coordinated surfaces.   4 Station Quietude Series: The 4 Station Quietude Series is an environmental option. It features three unisex suites with a toilet and sink vanity and a men’s suite with a toilet, urinal, and sink vanity. It is attractive and fully climate-controlled.   6 Station Coastal Series: The 6 Station Coastal Series is designed with the beach in mind. Its women’s suite features three stalls and a double-sink vanity. The men’s suite features one private stall, a urinal, and a single-sink vanity.  It can be controlled with the Smarter Restrooms App.  We are a Preferred Portable Bathroom Trailer Choice Portable Restroom Trailers is a top name in the portable bathroom trailer industry. We offer a wide range of units. Our products are safe and sanitary. We treat our clients with a high level of care and respect.  Contact us to discover how we can take your event to the next level. 
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  2. ADA restrooms support office workers
    ADA Restrooms for Montgomery Country Revenue Authority
    During our time in business, Portable Restroom Trailers has partnered with several agencies focused on helping their communities. We are proud to call the Montgomery County Revenue Authority a client. We helped them purchase ADA restrooms that allowed them to provide better service to residents and visitors.  About Montgomery County Revenue Authority The Montgomery County Revenue Authority helps local businesses improve their operations and connections to boost profitability. It focuses on the hospitality, finance, transportation, recreation, and environmental industries. It also uses its bonding authority to partner with government agencies and private sector companies to fund art, education, transportation, recreation, human services, and economic development projects.  The MCRA also operates nine public golf courses under the MCG Gold brand. It owns the Montgomery County Airpark, the closest jetport to the nation’s capital. The airpark offers flight training and aviation support services and brings funding into the community.  There are several reasons why the MCRA may require ADA restrooms. They may need them on their golf courses, during outdoor training sessions at the Montgomery County Airpark, or for projects where workers need to be outdoors for long periods. Portable Restroom Trailers helped them find a unit that was suited to their needs.  The MCRA’s ADA Restrooms Purchase The MCRA needed a bathroom that was suited to hardworking industries. It had to be ADA-compliant to fulfill the needs of all workers and visitors. They required a unit that was appropriately sized.  They purchased the ADA Single Station Perseverance Series. With a name like Perseverance Series, you can expect this unit to feature a sturdy design. And it does not disappoint. Its exterior is reinforced with a dent and scratch-resistant aluminum material. It also features sturdy aluminum steps and rails, and ample lighting that ensures a safe entry.   The 13-foot restroom trailer is completely private. It features a clean interior design. The suite contains a toilet and sink vanity.  The unit is up to compliance standards. Its spacious design provides a wide turning radius. Its grab rails offer additional assistance. Its exterior features an ADA access ramp that lowers the unit to the ground with the touch of a button.  The trailer is fully climate-controlled. Its AC unit and heat strips keep it comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperature. The insulated walls and ceilings help maintain the ideal environment. It can stand up to mild winters that reach as low as 30 degrees.  It is also equipped with a 100-gallon freshwater tank and a 160-gallon waste tank.  Other ADA Restrooms by Portable Restroom Trailers Portable Restroom Trailers offers various ADA restrooms that are ideal for a wide range of industries. They include:  ADA 2- Station Mariner Series: The ADA 2 Station Mariner Series features two unisex suites with a toilet and a sink and an ADA suite with accessible amenities. It lowers to the ground with a hydraulic lift. It can be controlled with the Smarter Restrooms App.  ADA 6-Station Oahu Series: The 6-Station Oahu Series is ideal for larger functions. Its women’s suite features three toilets and a sink vanity. The men’s suite features one toilet, two urinals, and a sink vanity. The ADA suite features an ADA toilet and sink, a wide turning radius, and a compliant ramp.  Our units are backed by our high level of service. Our years in the business ensure we treat our clients like family.  Our products are safe, sanitary, and affordably priced.  Contact us for a quote on a product you can trust. 
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  3. parties to rent a restroom trailer for
    Rent a Restroom Trailer for Tailgating Events
    The fall sports season is upon us. Venues are gearing up for the live events scheduled to take place in their stadiums and arenas. They are also aware of the tailgating events in the parking lots before the game starts. Schools and organizations will rent a restroom trailer to make sure they are ready.  What are Tailgating Events? We’re not talking about the type of tailgating that happens when you follow a car too closely! Tailgating events take place before a sporting event or concert. They are typically held in the parking lot of the venue before the game starts.  Friends meet up in a vehicle parked in the venue’s parking lot- larger vehicles like vans and pickup trucks are ideal because they allow people to sit in the back and socialize. They may bring a portable grill, or they may bring snacks to munch on before the game. Beer and other alcoholic drinks are commonly consumed.  The conversation is typically based around the event. Excitement builds as they discuss who will win, or, if it’s a concert, what songs will be played. Members of the tailgating party may also shout out to other fans as they pass by on their way to the arena.  With all the food and beer consumed, venues will want to keep areas clean. They may decide to rent a restroom trailer. The trailer will keep guests comfortable while they wait for the event to start. They will make the day more enjoyable for everyone involved.  Portable Restroom Trailers Tailgating Selection A restroom for a tailgating event should be durable and easy to clean. It should be sized to accommodate the expected crowds. If you are looking to rent a restroom trailer for your tailgating events, Portable Restroom Trailers has a large selection to choose from. 2 Station Affordable Advantage Series: The 2 Station Affordable Advantage Series is an economical choice. It features a women’s suite with a toilet and sink vanity, and a men’s suite with a toilet, sink vanity, and urinal. Its aluminum stairs and rails provide safe access.  ADA 2 Station Cabo Series: This unit is perfect for accommodating differently-abled guests. It features two unisex suites with a toilet and corner sink vanity. The ADA suite features a compliant toilet and sink, grab rails, and a wide turning radius.  4 Station Quietude Series: The 4 Station Quietude Series is ideal for environmental clients. It features three unisex suites with a toilet and sink vanity and a men’s suite with a toilet, sink vanity, and urinal. It is water-saving and fully solar-powered.  6 Station Oahu Series: The 6 Station Oahu Series is a versatile choice. Its women’s suite features three stalls and a double-sink vanity. The men’s suite features one stall, two urinals, and a double-sink vanity.  It is fully climate-controlled.  12 Station Classic Series: This trailer is ideal for large events. The women’s suite features six private stalls and two double-sink vanities. The men’s suite features three toilets, three urinals, and two double-sink vanities. The unit is fully climate-controlled.   Rent a Restroom Trailer for Your Tailgating Events Portable Restroom Trailers is a go-to choice for venues looking to rent a restroom trailer for the coming event season. We offer a wide selection of safe, sanitary products. Our high level of customer service ensures we treat our clients like family.  Contact us for a free quote today. 
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