8 Station Portable Shower Trailer (4 Men and 4 Women) | Executive Series
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8 Station Portable Shower Trailer (4 Men and 4 Women) | Executive Series

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Up to 750 Guests
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The 8 Station Portable Shower Trailer (4 Men and 4 Women) | Executive Series  includes suites for both men and women – and are fully equipped with 4 showers for each gender. The attractive interior design features a vanity with large bowl sink, solid surface look counter tops, shatterproof full-size vanity mirrors and abundant interior lighting. 

Each shower suite includes 3 stalls each with large acrylic one piece shower, shower germicide protected mat, water miser shower head. The stall has a lockable door, small changing area, clothes hook and small bench seat. Each stall is well lit with waterproof lighting, and vented by powered vents. Shower trailers have propane on demand hot water and are equipped with 2 tanks on each trailer. Propane tanks each average 700 short showers. This unit has a great easy to use floor plan and offers complete privacy for the guest using the shower. Each shower stall has a lockable ¾ length stall door with changing area, clothing hooks, and small corner seat. The full-size shower stall is a factory made fiberglass unit with water miser heads and instant hot water, divided from the changing area with a shower curtain.

This unit includes air conditioning with additional heat strips for total climate control. With outdoor lighting, large retractable stairs, and double handrails your guests will safely enter and exit the unit. This unit includes direct city water (garden hose) fill option, and larger gray water tank of 950 gallons. Electric requirements of 4- 120 volts 20 AMP dedicated service.

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