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ADA Shower Trailer Rental +4 Station - Meets CA Stds

0 Toilets
0 Urinals
Up to 750 Guests
ADA Compliant
0 Sinks

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This Custom ADA + 4 Shower Trailer Rental is equipped with an easy-to-use roomy interior. Each private room has a private entrance door, stairs and handrails, and outdoor lighting. Each suite includes a shower stall and a fold-down seat. This unit is equipped with powered vent fans and heat. Each standard shower has large retractable stairs and double handrails. The ADA portable shower suite includes an adjustable ADA shower head with extended shower hose, wall-mounted shower bench, and shower curtain. This suite also allows for a full 360 turning radius for wheelchairs and additional assistance grab rails, important details that your guests will be sure to notice! This 24-foot trailer hydraulically lowers to the ground and features a fold up ramp. Our ADA Portable Shower provide all the comforts that your guests will appreciate.
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