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ADA + 9 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer | Oahu Series

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6 Toilets
1 ADA Toilets
3 Urinals
Up to Large Crowds
ADA Compliant
5 Sinks

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ADA + 9 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer | Oahu Series

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Durable ADA Restroom Trailers for Event Venues, Schools, and Parks

The ADA + 9 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer | Oahu Series features a clean and efficient interior design complete with coordinating accents! This unit is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of disabled users and can also be utilized as a family suite by those caring for small children or older adults that need special assistance.

This unique floor plan includes 1 women's suite with 4 stalls, 1 men's suite with 2 stalls and 3 urinals, and 1 ADA unisex suite, each with a separate entrance. This trailer features a hydraulic lift system for the ADA Module to lower to the ground with the push of a button!

The ADA-compliant unisex suite includes 1 wheelchair-accessible sink, faucet, and door handle; and 1 ADA toilet. This suite also allows for a full 360 turning radius for wheelchairs and additional assistance grab rails, important details that your guests will be sure to notice!

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