ADA Bathroom Trailer + 4 Station | Oahu Series - Private Floor Plan - 3 Season
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ADA Bathroom Trailer + 4 Station | Oahu Series - Private Floor Plan - 3 Season

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4 Toilets
1 ADA Toilets
0 Urinals
Up to 350 Guests
ADA Compliant
5 Sinks
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ADA Restroom Trailer + 4 Station - Private Floor Plan | Oahu Series - 3 Season Package

This ADA Restroom Trailer + 4 Station | Oahu Series is one of our most popular ADA units, featuring an efficient interior design. This unique floor plan includes 1 women’s suite with 2 stalls, 1 men’s suite with 1 stall and 1 urinal, and 1 ADA unisex suite, each with a separate entrance. Each standard stall contains a privacy stall pedal flush china toilet, sink with cabinet, and shatterproof mirror. This trailer features a hydraulic lift system for the trailer to lower to the ground with the push of a button! The ADA-compliant unisex suite includes 1 ADA toilet, wheelchair-accessible sink, shatterproof mirror, and grab rails for assistance. This suite also allows for a full 360 turning radius for wheelchairs and additional assistance grab rails, important details that your guests will be sure to notice! This ADA Restroom Trailer contains a 140-gallon freshwater tank and a 450-gallon waste tank.

Provide your guests with year-round comfort with air conditioning and a 3 season heat package.  This trailer is also upgraded to include LED lighting, foot pedal blocks to prevent pedal breakage, and a water heater so your guests can enjoy a hot water hand wash.

*Photos are used to show Oahu interior and may not be the actual layout of the unit.  Please see the floor plan for the actual layout.

Financing available with deposit and approved credit.
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