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ADA Restroom Trailer +11 Station | Oahu Series

Financing as low as $1,469 per month for QBO*
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8 Toilets
1 ADA Toilets
3 Urinals
Up to Large Crowds
ADA Compliant
5 Sinks
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Easy-to-Setup ADA Portable Restroom Trailers for Hospitality, Schools, and Campgrounds

The ADA Restroom Trailer +11 Station | Oahu Series features a clean and efficient interior design complete with coordinating accents! This unit is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of disabled users and can also be utilized as a family suite by those caring for small children or older adults that need special assistance.

This unique floor plan includes 1 women’s suite with 5 stalls, 1 men’s suite with 3 stalls and 3 urinals, and 1 ADA unisex suite, each with a separate entrance. This trailer is non-lowering with an aluminum sectional ramp with a 5-foot platform. The ADA-compliant unisex suite includes 1 wheelchair-accessible sink, faucet, and door handle; and 1 ADA toilet. This suite also allows for a full 360 turning radius for wheelchairs and additional assistance grab rails, important details that your guests will be sure to notice!

Includes LED lighting, Smarter Rest, hot water hand wash, and upgraded foot pedal blocks to prevent pedal breakage.

*Photos show upgrades that are not included in the base model price.

**This is a non-lowering ADA with a sectional ramp and platform.

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