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ADA Bathroom Trailer +4 Station | Fortitude Series

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No down payment! Financing as low as $1,959 per month for 60 months QBO
4 Season
3 Toilets
1 ADA Toilets
1 Urinals
Up to 250 Guests
3 Sinks

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ADA Bathroom Trailer +4 Station | Fortitude Series

ADA Bathroom Trailer +4 Station | Fortitude Series - 4 Season Package

The ADA +4 Station Fortitude Series is ready to support a worksite as durable as the name itself. Use this ADA restroom trailer to help various business needs, from employee wellness to impressing executives!

Like all our accessible units, this ADA restroom trailer is California ADA-compliant, which meets the nation's highest requirements for ADA access. Measuring 20 feet, this trailer is equipped with a 400-gallon waste tank and a 135-gallon freshwater tank that support 250 guests with ease.

The Fortitude series features a rugged aluminum exterior and a two-tone interior design scheme and includes all of the amenities of a home bathroom. Each private unisex suite has a flushable china toilet, sink vanity, mirror, and ample lighting. The exterior of each suite features excellent lighting and handrails for safe entry. 

This ADA restroom trailer is designed to make wheelchair access easy with a shorter ramp that takes up less space. This unisex suite includes an accessible toilet, sink, framed mirror, and grab rails. The suite also allows a 360-degree turning radius for the most convenient experience possible. The ADA access ramp is designed to take up less space by hydraulically lowering the entire unit to the ground with a button.

The entire unit also features air conditioning and heat strips to maintain a comfortable interior temperature regardless of the outside weather. These strips can quickly increase or decrease the unit's temperature when necessary, ensuring guests have a relaxing experience. 

The included 4 season package ensures that this trailer can withstand extreme winters with temperatures as low as -20 degrees. This unique package brings in Thermon heat tracing that is applied to the sides of the tank, and foam insulation is sprayed on top. Electric heaters are also installed in each suite and the mechanical room for interior climate control.

Get your Fortitude Series ADA restroom trailer today, and get ready to upgrade your brand experience.

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