January is such a positive and optimistic month. We’re surrounded by friends and family who are setting new personal goals, everyone is encouraging each other with inspiring words, and businesses are applauding the hard work of 2020 - especially with all the struggles brought by COVID-19 - and preparing for new success. This is the same for us here at PRT - restroom rentals brought us new partnerships with businesses around the nation. We are glad to help managers tick a small item off of their list, making work life just a little effortless and easy.

As we plan for 2020, we want to highlight the many industries that have benefited from restroom rentals. As you plan your business year, think about how our restroom trailers can elevate experiences in your workplace or leisure locations. We have chosen 10 amazing industries who have had success with bathroom rentals, and now invite you to join us.

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  1. Events

From indoor to outdoor venues, and no matter the occasion, event managers and producers spend so much time building the perfect atmosphere for their event. Why should the restroom option take away from all your hard work?? Our restroom rentals are designed to match any level of ambiance, from casual to formal, complimenting an event’s experience. 

  1. Construction

For this industry, most of the work on the job is done off site. Additionally, most of these working conditions are not ideal - they are outdoors with incomplete buildings and locations that simply aren’t equipped to provide needed work amenities for these workers. A great way to ensure they have the restroom access they need is with a restroom rental. 

  1. Renovations

An inevitable part of any building’s life, the renovations process can feel messy and unorganized. Whether you are redoing your storefront or office space, ensure that you can still operate by providing your guests (and employees!) with a suitable restroom option.

  1. Outdoor Experiences

We all love visiting the local lake during the summer, taking a dive into the pool, camping in the woods, and other activities that allow us to enjoy the outdoors. While explorers are in your outdoor space, providing a restroom option is crucial, and constructing a brick-and-mortar option can be pricey. The easy solution: bathroom rentals! With the ability to set them up anywhere, you can provide accessible restrooms in the deepest woods and along vast beaches.

  1. Arenas

For all those “Take me out to the ball game” moments, ensure your large crowd has access to the restroom when they need it. From tailgating to overtime, fans crowd arenas for hours to cheer on their team. They will inevitably need to visit a restroom, so make sure their experience is upscale and elegant without breaking your bank.

  1. Campus

From elementary school to college, campuses come in all shapes and sizes. When getting from one classroom to another, the journey between the two can be vast, and oftentimes, a restroom is not along a student’s path, or the option they do pass has quite the line. Restroom rentals are a great way to make sure that all students have restroom access when needed. 

  1. Workplace

Perhaps you manage truck drivers who frequently stop at rest areas. Maybe your warehouse isn’t equipped with a restroom option. There are many more workplaces that operate in locations that simply don’t come equipped with restrooms. Restroom rentals are an easy solution, providing your staff with the restroom access they need without breaking the bank.

  1. Clubs

From the country club with large grounds to the lounge with the perfect patio, we all enjoy upscale places to socialize. Many of these places have large outdoor areas, and sometimes the brick-and-mortar location is just too far. Provide convenience for visitors with bathroom rentals.

  1. Markets

We all love visiting our local farmers markets on the weekend, fish markets by the bay, craft markets at expos, and so much more. Ensure that shoppers have a comfortable place to “go”: with bathroom rentals. They’re an easy addition to any venue and upgrade visitor experience.

  1. Public Space

A major conversation in many US cities is restroom access for not only residents and tourists, but for those who are homeless and displaced. Restroom rentals are an easy way to provide restroom access for all, making sanitation a right rather than a privilege.