July 2012 | Portable Restroom Trailers

Portable Restroom Trailers to the Rescue!

More and more businesses and organizations are looking to portable restroom trailers for facilities solutions. Portable restrooms are easily transported, convenient, and low maintenance, which makes them virtually stress free. A perfect example of a facilities solution is a camp that needed a portable restroom trailer before their opening day. The camp had ordered one from a company who realized they couldn’t get it to them on time, and they were nervous that there wouldn’t be enough bathrooms for the campers, which would cause chaos and discontent. They called us asking for help and we offered them a facilities solution…a portable restroom trailer that we could deliver to them in time for their opening. Not only did they have the trailer on time, which made their business look good, but they also had the option of purchasing the portable restroom trailer (or a different one) afterwards. Ultimately, purchasing the portable restroom would ensure that they never run into this problem again. And, they would be able to use the money they had already paid for using it towards the total purchase amount. Next time you’re in a jam, call us and we’ll rescue you!
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Need a long term portable restroom trailer?

Not sure that you want to actually buy a portable restroom trailer, but know that you really need one? Why not lease to own! That way you will be able to try it out first, and then have the option to buy the portable restroom trailer in the end. It’s a lot like a lease to own home. This option enables you to make payments along the way, which will help bring down the total payment when it’s time to buy. This is a great option for businesses and organizations. Beach communities are now becoming interested in portable bathrooms because they are easy to move in case of a storm, but are more stable and suitable than porta potties. Many parks are also catching on to the portable restroom trailers because they add more restrooms to the facilities they already have, and are mobile so they can be moved to the most convenient location. Construction companies are also attracted to the trailers because they can be moved from site to site for the workers to use. Whether you lease or lease to own, portable restroom trailers are easy and convenient. They give the owner confidence and peace of mind that whoever is using them are clean and safe. And most importantly, they won’t break your budget.
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Summer Fun in The Sun...and Portable Restroom Trailers??

Summer is here, and so is the heat! Hundreds of vacationers flock to the coasts or the nearest lake each summer to beat the heat. It cools you off and it’s relaxing, and for those of you who are parents, it offers the kids a bit of freedom, a chance to play without tons of rules.Beach sporting events are also becoming more popular. During the summer there are soccer, volleyball, and surf competitions, to name a few, at beaches all over the country. All take place on a beach (whether real or manufactured) in the intense heat and sun. Large crowds are drawn to the competitions, and vendors set up booths to sell food, drinks, clothing, and souvenirs. Since spectators often embellish in the different foods and drinks at these venues, it would make sense that the need for a significant amount of portable restroom trailers is huge. Rather than a large volume of small, single person, compact porta potties, portable restroom trailers are ideal for these situations.A large portable restroom trailer provides plenty of toilets and sinks for groups of people going in and out quickly without overcrowding. The trailers are climate controlled and contain running water and flushing toilets for more sanitary conditions. Plus, they’re easy to set up, and can be placed in any location. It would even benefit the athletes to have their own private trailer to satisfy their specific needs.Hopefully some of the beaches that are hosting these sporting events around the country have caught on to portable restroom trailers for the benefit of everyone (you, especially) involved. If so, we’re sure you will be eternally grateful, even if it’s just because of the small bit of relief you’ll get from the heat and sun!
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Portable Restroom Trailers: To Rent or To Lease, That is the Question

When it comes to a portable bathroom trailer rental or lease, you might wonder which option is best for your needs.Renting a portable restroom trailer is a practical idea if you have a need for a temporary facility for a shorter amount of time. Oftentimes, a portable restroom trailer is rented for home renovations, weddings, parties, corporate events, weekend horse shows, etc. Renting generally is a one-time payment and dependent on the amount of time you need the trailer, rather than a monthly payment.Leasing, on the other hand, is good for a longer time frame. It still meets a temporary need, but for an extended period of time. Usually a portable restroom trailer is leased for large, lengthy building renovations, community parks for camps or seasonal sports events, beach communities that need additional but transportable facilities, etc. A lease will most likely be a contractual agreement where you will pay a designated amount monthly.There are a variety of sizes and styles to suit your requirements, whether it’s for a day or six months. You also have the option of a shower trailer that you can rent or lease if you are in need of a full temporary bathroom facility.Regardless of whether you rent or lease, both are great options. It all just depends on the length of time and what you will be using the portable restroom trailer for. The good thing is they are reasonably priced, so either way, you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget.
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