July 2012

Portable Restroom Trailers to the Rescue!

More and more businesses and organizations are looking to portable restroom trailers for facilities solutions. Portable restrooms are easily transported, convenient, and low maintenance, which makes them virtually stress free. A perfect example of a facilities solution is a camp that needed a portable restroom trailer before their opening day. The camp had ordered one from a company who realized...
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Need a long term portable restroom trailer?

Not sure that you want to actually buy a portable restroom trailer, but know that you really need one? Why not lease to own! That way you will be able to try it out first, and then have the option to buy the portable restroom trailer in the end. It’s a lot like a lease to own home. This option...
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Summer Fun in The Sun...and Portable Restroom Trailers??

Summer is here, and so is the heat! Hundreds of vacationers flock to the coasts or the nearest lake each summer to beat the heat. It cools you off and it’s relaxing, and for those of you who are parents, it offers the kids a bit of freedom, a chance to play without tons of rules. Beach sporting events are...
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Portable Restroom Trailers: To Rent or To Lease, That is the Question

When it comes to a portable bathroom trailer rental or lease, you might wonder which option is best for your needs. Renting a portable restroom trailer is a practical idea if you have a need for a temporary facility for a shorter amount of time. Oftentimes, a portable restroom trailer is rented for home renovations, weddings, parties, corporate events, weekend...
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