August 2012

Brooks offers VIP Portable Restroom Trailers to Runners

Those of you who are runners will appreciate this… Brooks, the apparel and shoe company, came up with a “compensation” idea to market their merchandise, as well as encourage runners and create a little fun. What they did was provide a “VIP Porta Potty” at marathons across the nation. After researching what the runners hate about running at marathons, Brooks...
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Will Rio provide portable restroom trailers for their Olympic guests of 2016??

Another Olympic competition has come and gone. The closing ceremony will be on Sunday. We will say goodbye and thank you to the games, athletes, and to the city of London. It will be a new beginning for some, and an end of an era for others. We will say hello to the city of Rio de Janeiro. We have...
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Swim Meet Failed to Provide Portable Restroom Trailer

I had the opportunity to attend a swim meet last weekend. It was loads of fun! People were everywhere…swimmers, parents, volunteers, and vendors. The atmosphere was relaxed, yet competitive. I think the Olympic spirit had overtaken the swimmers and was present in all! Each team had their own “home base” where the coaches were, and they had separate lanes in...
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