January 2019

Portable Restroom Rentals for Hooters in Lakeland, FL

When you think about your neighborhood, there are businesses and restaurants attached that you consider to be a part of the community. For Lakeland, Fl it’s the local Hooters that is the place to commence for team fundraisers, trivia nights, televised sporting events, and great food for everyone. They also take time to help make a difference in their community...
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3 Ways Portable Restroom Rentals Can Help Your Business in 2019

New year, new goals! As January kicks off and we begin 2019, the team here at Portable Restroom Trailers have made it a point to have discussions about the future to come. We are excited to build up new employees, set new sales goals, and form new partnerships with companies nationwide. As you begin your new year of business, we...
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Shower Trailer to Aid CareBag Inc.

While we are always happy to partner with each and every business we meet, a special part of our passion for providing the best in the sanitation business is helping nonprofits. Over the years, we’ve seen a number of organizations come our way in order to help those in need. From natural disaster relief to homeless care, each of these...
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