June 2019

Baia Restraurant Uses Restroom Trailers as a Busy Summer Season Solution

There is one thing that many people can’t ever say no to, no matter what day of the week, what time, or how busy their schedule might be. That one thing is food. A truly universal language, food is something that brings us together no matter what background. We are always ready to make time for a good meal, even...
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Emergency Portable Bathroom Trailers for Home Depot's Busy Holiday Weekend

When it comes to business needs, we have all experienced that “emergency” situation. Invitations for an event are printed incorrectly, an order is shipped to the wrong location, a meeting is missed with an important investor - the list goes on. The mark of a great leader is being able to think quickly on your feet and finding the solution...
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Product Highlight: The Convertible Portable Restroom Trailer

There is something to be said about a product that is fully adaptable to a customer’s needs. In every industry, a common goal is to not only make products more accessible and simple, but to make them versatile enough to be a solution to the majority of the user’s problems. In the sanitation industry, the Convertible portable restroom trailer is...
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PRT Recommends: 5 Restroom Trailer Rentals for Bars and Restraurants

It’s said that the world’s most universal language is food, and we couldn’t agree more. From the everyday meal cooked at home to celebratory seven-course dining experiences, food is one thing that pretty much everyone can agree on, and can bring a variety of groups together in harmony. What makes food truly special are the passionate chefs and restaurant owners...
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