July 2019

Accessibility 101: 4 Ways ADA Access Elevates Your Restroom Experience

Today, accessibility is more important than ever. With more and more cities and states making it law to have ADA access throughout major events, buildings, and public spaces, savvy businesses are getting on board and ensuring that they provide a space that is accessible to all. When our CEO founded the company, she made it a priority to not only...
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PRT Recommends: A Bathroom Trailer Rental for Every Business Need

There are many traits that make up a good leader when it comes to business and smart management. No matter what industry you lead in, one trait is absolutely necessary: finding the best quality for the best price. While in some circumstances, budget is no concern, it is best for the savvy manager to find ways to spread their budget...
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3 Ways Portable Restroom Rentals Can Improve Your City

The average person doesn’t really think about going to the bathroom. It is a very mundane, everyday task that is simply part of our biological makeup - and is not exactly a great conversation starter! In order to keep the restroom off of most people’s minds, many behind-the-scene actions are at play. Businesses typically provide bathrooms for guests, the workplace...
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Portable Bathrooms for Rent for Aldi Grocery Store

An inevitable part of weekly life is the trip to your local grocery store. Whether you visit a store that is known nation-wide or prefer your locally owned grocer or co-op, it is a top priority for many Americans to shop healthy and find amazing deals on the foods they crave. From produce to spices, meats to that little cheat...
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5 Shower Trailers for Fun in the Sun

Summer is officially here! What comes to mind as summer approaches? When we think of summer, we think of adventures and lots of fun in the sun! Many are surprised at how useful shower trailers can be during those fun summer activities like at the pool, beach, country club, gym, and lake. Summertime is a great time to gather together...
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