September 2019

Portable Restroom Rentals for Darke County Faire

There are certain events throughout the year that we all look forward to, no matter what our age may be. One of these events is the county fair. As providers of portable restroom rentals, we have gotten to travel the country and see a wide variety of fairs that happen throughout the year, and each one is specially unique and...
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Shower Trailer for Birmingham FC

With fall around the corner and holiday season approaching quickly after that, many of us are getting excited for the many opportunities to eat! It’s cheat season, folks! Bakeries boast the best pumpkin spiced everything, grandma is making the mac and cheese for thanksgiving dinner, and the hot cocoa and hot toddy’s keep pouring. With all the fun we’ll have...
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PRT Recommends: Bathroom Trailer Rental Options for Trendy Fall Destinations

Visit your community pools, favorite water parks, lakes, and other tops summer spots soon - Fall is right around the corner! The weather is teasing us with days that are a little cooler than the typical summer temperatures, leaves are changing colors, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. With all of these changes to come, it is inevitable...
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Prepare for Hurricane Season with Portable Restroom Trailers

Hurricane Dorian has marked the beginning of hurricane season, and now more than ever, it is crucial for communities to be prepared for emergency situations. As a leading provider of portable restroom trailers, we often see the damage that can be done when a storm hits. Due to our hands-on experience, we think it’s important to keep our staff, families...
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Portable Bathrooms for Rent for Richmond School District

Children across the nation are officially back in school, gaining the early education, social skills, and tools that they’ll need to succeed as successful adults. We must all take time to visit our children’s teachers and thank them for their hard work, for the work of an educator is some of the most important in our country. Ensuring teachers are...
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Portable Restroom Rentals Aid During Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is making its way up the East Coast, a reminder to all of the season to come. With evacuation orders in Georgia, flooding already a problem in the Carolinas, and many more emergency situations along the coast, this storm is a threat to many homes, families, and communities. With the threat of more hurricanes, storms, typhoons, and more...
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