March 2021 | Portable Restroom Trailers

4 Ways to Use Your Shower Trailer

As the spring and summer seasons approach, many of us are doing our best to find any reason to be outside. From kayaking on the lake to football scrimmages, enjoying a breezy day on the golf course to camping at your favorite spot, the number of reasons to get outside and have fun is very high during this time of year. Make sure your guests don't get stuck outside without a refresher in a shower trailer.As these venues prepare to host all of the fun-seekers, a shower trailer can provide guests with a surprising amenity. No matter what visitors may get into, from sports to boating to pool lounging, they’ll eventually crave the clean feeling that only a shower can provide. Instead of making the trip home still dirty from their day of fun, imagine if they got to get nice and clean before leaving your venue.What types of venues could benefit from housing a shower trailer, you ask? The list gets surprisingly long, but we’ll just keep it to the highlights. As your business prepares for the busy season to come, consider renting one of our shower trailers for your guests. Not sure if your business is a fit for a shower trailer rental? Read below to see how these very different venues put their shower trailer to use, and which options were the best choice for them. Country ClubThe country club is a place where you can easily spend an entire day - even an entire weekend - socializing, moving, and relaxing. With the various activities that come with the country club, from morning tennis to afternoon tanning to evening dinner, having access to elegant showers is basically a must. With a shower trailer rental, you can ensure that all guests at the country club have access to the showers they need when they need it. Units like the 4 Station Classic Series are a perfect fit for our country club clients due to its elegant design. Summer CampAs a kid, nothing is quite exciting like the week of summer camp. All over the nation, parents send their kids off for a week of arts and crafts, sports, time in the lake, campfire stories, and so much more. With so many activities throughout the day, it is important to provide proper hygiene and sanitation for the kids. A shower trailer rental ensures that no matter how dirty the day gets, each kid has a place to get cleaned up and stay fresh and healthy.For summer camps that typically see a high volume of users, the 8 Station Sierra Series is a great solution. Gym/ Health ClubWith warmer weather comes bikini season! As everyone gets their bodies ready for fun in the sun, gyms and health clubs are seeing more and more visitors. After getting their sweat on, most people head to work in the morning, back to the office after lunch, or have dinner plans in the evening. Knowing that the gym may not be their only stop of the day, it is crucial to provide a shower option for members.For those with outside facilities, providing an accessible shower is an added perk that shows members that you care. Units like the 6 Station Restroom Shower Trailer Rental Combo with and Added Locker Room are a perfect solution. This versatile unit has all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar locker facility with restrooms, showers and a locker room. Swimming FacilitiesPools become a popular oasis during the summer months in nearly every city. Whether the pool is at the country club, a hotel, or a local community center, many enjoy pool time as source of leisure and family fun.When poolside, it’s best to provide a bathroom/ shower trailer rental combo so that guests have access to everything they may need during their day in the sun. The 3 Station Comfort Series is the perfect solution. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the many uses for a shower trailer rental, we encourage you to get a free quote for your rental today! Need a little more inspiration? Browse our inventory of shower trailer rental units 
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Portable Toilets for the Agriculture Industry

As the rain and sunshine begin to coexist, many farmers take this time of year as the starting line for their busy season. Flowers are blooming, crops are flourishing, and hay will soon be ready to bail. The agriculture industry is vast and diverse, but one common thing that every farm knows is that with spring comes the growth of the new and portable toilets can support this time of year. Farmers markets will soon spring up in the middle of cities and towns, providing consumers with those farm fresh ingredients we all crave.As the farm begins to get busy, many in the agriculture business need to hire seasonal staff. These workers are dedicated to going out in the fields to pick berries, operate heavy machinery, and so much more.Knowing that staff is out there working hard to keep the farm producing those critical goods, it is important to many farm owners that each and every employee is well taken care of. This includes access to efficient restrooms. Since the season tends to ebb and flow, we know that a permanent solution is not really an option, so we provide the best portable toilets for farm owners like you.Our portable restroom trailer rentals are an ideal solution for those in agriculture. With short-term and long-term options, we ensure that we can provide the flexibility you need so that you pay for what is required, and not a penny more.Below, we have gathered a collection of portable toilets that are ideal for those in the agriculture industry. They are built sturdy for efficient use and don’t waste time or money on the frills and luxury required by those in other industries. These trailers are no muss no fuss, perfect for busy employees who are in and out quickly. Browse these options and see which of our portable toilets might be the ideal fit for you.Single ADA Restroom Trailer, Maui SeriesWhether you have staff that need an accessible option or not, what’s great about our ADA portable restroom trailer rentals is that they provide additional space to move about comfortably in the unit. If you have a small group of employees, a single station unisex option is a great fit. The ADA makes it just that much better by allowing employees a bigger private space. 3 Station Classic Industrial SeriesFor those who have a medium-sized staff, a three station option is a great solution. This trailer is equipped with three private suites, two with a urinal option, and is durable and very easy to clean and maintain. This is one of our portable restroom trailer rentals that is great for those with mixed gendered staff - the uisex suites ensure that all who need access to restrooms have it at any time. 4 Station Restroom/ Shower Combo, Classic SeriesThis option is similar to the 3 Station Classic Industrial Series in that the unisex suites can easily service all guests who need it, just on a slightly larger scale. The fourth suite adds approximately 125 more users before requiring service. In addition to the restrooms, this unit comes with showers. This is ideal for staff during those hot summer months. They’ll feel so much relief getting to take a quick shower after their day of hard work. If you’re looking for portable restroom trailer rentals that go the extra mile for your staff, we highly recommend a restroom/ shower combo. Many businesses have reported back to us stating that they would have never thought to provide such an amenity, and their employees are much happier when they have the option!10 Station Classic SeriesIf you have hundreds of employees under your care, 10 station portable restroom trailer rentals are a great solution. They ensure that the restroom wait is never too long and make sure that quick and easy access is possible. The elegance of this unit also impresses its visitors, making your staff feel just a little more thought about and cared for. Now that you’ve gotten to browse a few of our portable restroom trailer rentals, contact us to chat about one in particular that might be the ideal fit for you.Want to keep looking? This list is just the beginning of the vast collection of portable restroom trailer rentals we have to offer. Head over to our website and continue in your search for the perfect unit for you.We wish everyone in the agriculture business a profitable and successful season! 
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Restroom Rentals Support Nonprofit Organizations

Over the years, we have gotten to partner with a large number of various organizations and industries. When it comes to restroom rentals, we always set aside time to ensure we give back to the community. This always leads us to the doors of amazing nonprofits around the country.From the first responders that aid in initial disaster relief rescue missions and efforts to the nonprofits that hope to provide a little comfort for the homeless community, we love to do what we can to help these groups do as much as possible for those that they assist. We think that the volunteers and workers who choose to serve others deserve the very best, so we have handpicked our recommendations for restroom rentals that not only give comfort to the less fortunate, but provide relief for the brave men and women who assist them as well.These options are both durable and efficient, with interior design touches that create a comfortable atmosphere. Despite the bathroom being a mundane, everyday location that we all visit and don’t give much thought to, these moments of privacy and quiet can provide peace and refreshment.Restroom Rental Recommendations2 Station Malibu Comfort SeriesPerfect for a firehouse or office that needs just a little more restroom access, the 2 Station Malibu Comfort is a compact yet dependable option. These portable bathrooms for rent come with one men’s and one women’s suit, and includes with all of the amenities of a home bathroom in a small, flexible option. It is also perfect for those on a smaller budget.4 Station Coastal SeriesThe 4 Station Coastal provides a luxurious restroom option for your employees and volunteers. Each suite can service two visitors at a time, and ample porch lighting allows for easy and safe access no matter what time, day or night. With a nautical interior design theme as a finishing touch, this is one of our portable bathrooms for rent that is ideal for facilities with a more upscale environment.6 Station Classic SeriesFor those who need a no muss no fuss, durable and dependable restroom option, the 6 Station Classic is perfect for you. Perfect for medium sized companies or organizations that require a little more restroom service, this style of restroom rentals gets the job done. Durability does not mean we ignored interior design - this is a trailer fit for nonprofit board members and beginner volunteers alike. 11 Station Combo Classic Series - Male DominantFor large organizations, our 11 Station portable bathrooms for rent are ideal. For many companies and organizations, especially firefighters, the male-to-female ratio differs significantly, and this can have an impact on restroom availability. The male dominant 11 Station Classic is designed with this in mind, ensuring that the employees who need restroom access have it. The clean and simple interior greets guests and provides a comfortable and pleasant experience. 10 Station Comfort SeriesFor large facilities who need to service hundreds of employees and volunteers a day, this is the restroom rental for you. With five stations in both the men’s and women’s suites, access is efficient and easy for your employees and staff. This trailer is also equipped with basic restroom amenities like running water, soap and paper towel dispensers, mirrors, and ample lighting. Get Your Portable Restroom RentalsWe hope that these options fit the needs of your nonprofit organization! If you want to keep looking, browse our full collection of restroom rentals.Ready to book your trailer? Request a quote or contact us to get the process started. 
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ADA Restrooms Available Now

One key factor that we pride ourselves for here at Portable Restroom Trailers is our diverse collection of units, especially when it comes to ADA-compliant options. We have made it a goal to design ADA restrooms for every need, from basic site project needs to black tie level elegance. When browsing our large collection, it is easy to see that we are well on our way to achieving our goal. There are so many options, in fact, that it gets a bit overwhelming when navigating the various types and units. This blog exists to simplify your search. Below, we feature five ADA restrooms that each have a unique touch, making them the perfect fit for different needs. If your business, event, or organization is in need of ADA portable bathrooms, this article should give you some guidance. See what makes each of these trailers unique and how they can upgrade your restroom experience.For Basic NeedsIf you’re the type who likes a dependable, no muss no fuss kind of restroom experience, a unit like our ADA +2 Station Oahu Series is perfect for you. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, ADA restrooms like this include all those basic amenities you need in a restroom without overdoing the ambiance. When working on a construction site or setting up accessible restrooms at a local park, you don’t need to splurge on any additional fluff or interior design If you want useful, to-the-point ADA restroom trailers, this is the pick for you. For a Formal ExperienceThis is a unit for those who DO want to splurge on fluff and interior design. With ADA restrooms like the ADA +8 Station Island Series, we take time to not only ensure all restroom amenities are included, but also creating an atmosphere that says high class. From elegant backsplash to detailed wooden flooring, these are the units to use when you want to keep your experience elegant from entry to exit and everywhere in between. Event planners, meeting hosts, and upscale venue managers know the importance of providing quality restrooms. For those catering to a high end crowd, these are the units for you. For Full-Service Bathroom NeedsDo you need ADA restrooms that provide a full restroom experience? That means everything you find in the bathroom: sink vanity, toilet, and shower. Units like the ADA +4 Station Oahu Series Combo offer full-service restrooms in a convenient and portable package, perfect for sporting events, hospitals, and gyms. These trailers are designed to showcase easy use and cleanliness, ensuring guests are comfortable and have the proper amount of space. As an ADA-compliant unit, rest assured that your wheelchair guests will have plenty of room and access to the restroom/ shower combo suite. For Large CrowdsOur large trailers are for the companies with hundreds of employees, the party planners with guests lists that go on and on, and the arenas that see thousands of visitors every time they open their gates. ADA restrooms like this Used ADA +8 Station Restroom Trailer is one of our many can service hundreds of guests over the day and are designed to ensure that each visitor has an elegant restroom experience. For CustomizingA special feature that we are proud to offer here at PRT is the ability to customize a restroom trailer specifically to your needs. What that means: you can pick and choose the layout, usability, and size of your ADA restroom trailers. In the past, we’ve made a restroom/ locker room combo, a restroom/ break room combo, and so much more. We love to get creative and debut something new that is fit for your company.The ADA +2 Shower Station Laundry Combo, Oahu Series is a perfect example of one of our fully customized ADA restrooms. Browse our full collection of ADA restroom trailers and contact us for rental and purchase options!
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Restroom Rentals for Spring Destinations

It’s that time of year! That chill in the air is beginning to lift, snow is beginning to melt (or it will be soon, we hope!) and flowers and trees are sprouting new life. Spring is on its way and with it, more of those outdoor activities we love. When it comes to outdoor events, we are many company’s first choice for restroom rentals, upgrading the portable toilet experience and leaving a better impression on event attendees.As event planners and producers prepare for the busy season to come, it is important to to think about guest experience throughout the venue. We know you’ve got food, decor, and entertainment covered, but you also have to think about those mundane things like sanitation. A bad bathroom experience can ruin a guest’s overall impression of your event. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered.It’s time to ditch porta potties and upgrade to trailer restroom rentals. Our rentals get booked quickly, so we recommend that all event planners contact us now and get ahead of the curve. Below, we’ve handpicked four crowd favorites for spring events, gatherings, and venues. Browse and find the perfect fit for your needs.2 StationProvide your guests with comfort in our 2 Station Satellite Series. Our Satellite Series offers a floor plan that features one men’s and one women’s suite. With this option being an easy-to-tow model. The suites include a pedal flush china toilet, shower stall, vanity with single sink and lockable under cabinet storage, soap and paper-towel dispenser along with a toilet paper holder, and large mirror. These types of restroom rentals are best used at private pools or sporting complexes.They offer a touch of luxury that isn’t expected from a portable restroom option. This restroom trailer ensures that your guests can enjoy your outdoor venue and go to the bathroom without changing the level of ambiance as they travel from space to space.  3 StationOur Luxury Series is one of the most popular and affordable luxury solutions! This 3 station unit is perfect for outdoor venues that need an added level of luxury. This trailer holds up to 350 guests and is only 16 feet long! With design in mind, it fits easily in just about any location. Key features include luxuriant wood trim and crown molding, and is topped off with designer vinyl flooring. A special feature of this trailer is that it features a built-in stereo system with high mounted, in-wall speakers, which can truly help set the ambiance. This trailer is perfect for a golf course or country club.7 StationOne of our most luxurious restroom rentals is the only Royal 7 station provides ultimate luxury. The Women’s suite includes four elegant and exclusive rooms, china flushable toilets, and paneled full-length doors. The central comfort station leads patrons into private stalls. Crafted for luxury, these portable toilets have a fireplace, black marble vanity, mirrors, and abundant soft interior lighting! The Men’s suite includes 1 stall, 2 flushable urinals, and a single designer sink/vanity. Each suite area has one exterior door for the women’s and men’s lavatory. This rental has a large platform and wide stairs with a handrail for easy access. The 7 Station Royal Series is great for a wedding venue! 10 StationFor your largest VIP crowds. Give your guests the best of the best with the 10 Station Grand Mariner Series. This restroom rental offers an upscale and tasteful interior that is still incredibly user-friendly. This magnificent unit will be sure to please at any event. This Grand Mariner Series restroom trailer can accommodate up to 750 people, which makes it perfect for a busy vineyard! Think one of these restroom rentals? Don’t hesitate to request a quote! We can deliver fast to ensure your client is taken care of right away. Not quite ready to begin your rental process? Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our sales team is here and equipped to guide you through your shopping process. Here at Portable Restroom trailers, we have options for ALL venues. Don’t hesitate, call today to learn more about restroom trailer rentals.
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