Hospitals and medical offices are so vital to basic health. Everyone is so busy that it’s hard to keep up with going in for your routine check-ups. The nation is sweeping with a new juice craze, diet to try, or workout that is guaranteed to make you feel and look great. In all honesty, most of us just jump on the bandwagon for the moment. Then we're back to eating mom’s meatloaf or hanging at your favorite taco truck. If this sounds like your average routine, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself and head to your care provider, and we provide shower trailers to ensure any long-term visits are comfortable.

Technology is growing rapidly and with growth comes upgrades. For many hospitals, the occasional renovation or upgrade is necessary. Or perhaps you run a cosmetic surgery center and are undergoing renovations to add more operating rooms. Renovating your employee housing nearby? We need to ensure your staff and patients have the basic amenities they need. We have shower trailers for every occasion and need. Browse below to see our recommendations for hospitals and medical offices.

1. ADA Shower Trailer +2 Station with Laundry | Oahu Series

Our  ADA Shower Trailer +2 Station with Laundry | Oahu Series is great if the physical therapy wing is having a makeover. These shower trailers come with a laundry suite for cleaning bed dressings and garments, features 2 standard unisex shower suites, and 1 ADA unisex shower suite, which can also be utilized as a family suite. Therapists and nurses can wash the towels for patients, along with helping those needing a little more room when relieving themselves. This option is also ideal for those renovating a nursing home and needing to keep the bedding clean or for bathing your patients in wheel chairs.

2. 4 Stall Shower Trailers Portable Restrooms Combo | Classic Series

Shower trailers combo unit for hospitals

The  4 Stall Shower Trailer Portable Restrooms Combo | Classic Series includes a floor plan that has 4 Unisex restroom-shower suites, each with a separate entrance. This would be wonderful for a smaller practice that has patients staying in care for a few days or weeks. Since each stall includes a sink, toilet, and shower stall you can ensure your patient has ultimate privacy while in recovery.

3. 6 Suite Combo Shower Trailers | Classic Series

Shower Trailers for medical facilities

Renovating the house for employees and want to make sure everyone has their basic needs covered? Look no further our  6 Suite Combo Shower Trailer | Classic Series shower trailers is able to ensure privacy and security. Each shower trailer unit has its own individual unisex room, so it can be used by both men and women, with private entrance and lockable doors. Each private suite has full-size shower stalls with a curtain. It's so nice your staff will be sad when the renovations are over. 

4. 2017 ADA +8 Station Sierra Series

Remodeling an entire and wing and need to ensure that your patients can wash up with ease? When you rent or buy one of our 2017 ADA Restroom Trailer +8 Station | Sierra Series shower trailers, you’re set for success. This unit is sure to please and make every single patient feel that their needs have been put first. This series of shower trailers offers a unique floor plan that includes 1 women's suite with 3 stalls, 1 men's suite with 2 stalls and 3 urinals and 1 ADA unisex suite, each with a separate entrance! This ADA Restroom Trailer features a hydraulic lift system so that the ADA suite can lower to the ground with the push of a button!

The ADA suite of this shower trailer includes 1 wheelchair-accessible sink, faucet, and door handle, and 1 ADA toilet.


So you see, our shower trailers are here to save the day! We have shower trailers for any need that may arise in your hospital or medical facility. For the Physical Therapy wing, we have our ADA Shower Trailer +2 Station with Laundry | Oahu. For intimate inpatient care don't dismiss the 4 Stall Shower Trailer Portable Restrooms Combo | Classic. It a great size for an urban or confined environment. 

While renovating employee housing, you can provide basic amenities with our  6 Suite Combo Shower Trailer | Classic Series shower trailers. When remolding an entire wing and you need to guarantee that your patients will have space where they can wash up in a sanitary environment. Well, look no further than our 2017 ADA Restroom Trailer +8 Station | Sierra Series. This unit can serve patients having minor or major injuries and caters to both sexes. This unit also helps with concerns about privacy as well. 

Do not hesitate - select one of the links above and get your quote today. Not seeing an option that works for you? We have tons of other options, and price ranges to choose from - browse the site