4 Ways Portable Restroom Rentals Have Aided in Disaster Relief This Year

Portable Restroom Rentals for Disaster Relief
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4 Ways Portable Restroom Rentals Have Aided in Disaster Relief This Year

With 2018 nearly in rear view, it’s a great time to reflect on the year and recognize how much  growth has taken place. As we reflect, we realize that so much has happened this year. This year’s Hurricane season was one of the worst we’ve seen to date, leaving behind a magnitude of devastation. There were 8 hurricanes total (2 being major hurricanes), resulting in over 30 billion dollars of damage. Our hearts go out to those affected throughout the south and east coasts of the United States, along with Mexico and Europe who also have been greatly affected by the storms.

Here at Portable Restroom Trailers we made it a wish to help in any way possible, and it feels good to know we turned our goal into a reality. We were able to help those in need by providing portable restroom trailer rentals , shower trailers, and laundry trailers.

2019 is on the horizon, and we are hoping to make more contributions throughout the country, focusing on those who need us the most! We’re glad to see locals getting back to their lives and starting to rebuild. It hasn’t been without notice how people are working, and more importantly, how everyone seems to be coming together as a community to rebuild.

Plenty of charities and other organizations have been involved since the first storm made landfall in the Florida Panhandle. Organizations like Team Rubicon, Samaritan's Purse, All Hands and Hearts Smart Response, and Direct Relief, and so many more that have all contributed tremendously. Here are 4 ways we were able to contribute to disaster relief with portable restroom trailer rentals.

1. First Responders

Along With all the listed organizations above, we too have gone to new heights to get quick deliveries made. We want to supply not only great portable restroom trailer rentals, but make sure they are available as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our quickest delivery time to one of the destroyed areas was only 4 hours! We offer both short and long term rentals, so no matter your need we’ve got diverse options.

2. Donations

Portable Restroom Trailers continued to spread help where needed in 2018. When tragedy struck in Paradise, CA during the fires that occurred this past November, we knew we had to help. We were able to provide portable restroom trailer rentals free of charge. Our hearts melted when the time of delivery approached, knowing the amenities we were offering to people made a huge difference. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that we’re doing our part to ensure progress.

3. Partnerships

Portable Restroom Trailers has worked with a variety of businesses in 2018, from big corporate to small churches, and many in between. One of our biggest collaborations of the year has been with Baker Distributing Company. By partnering up with Baker, we’re allowing a voluminous amount of workers to get back to operation. This did not just help the employer, but the employees as well, and the benefit trickled down to the consumer. With collective locations throughout the affected area of hurricane Michael, we’re ensuring that jobs are available when needed most. We’re doing what we can to ensure citizens are getting what they need to rebuild their homes, communities, and lives.

4. Flexible options 

No matter who is in need of our help, our portable restroom trailer rentals are easily accessible. From non profit organizations to big companies, we have payment, financing, and other fiscal options to accommodate different budgets, along with short and long term rentals. We’ve got our team members on stand by to assist you in any way you might need. We are here, willing and able to offer assistance in any way.


Portable Restroom Trailers is here to help when disaster strikes, and thanks to us being able to ship nationwide we can go wherever you need us with easy drop off and pick up options. We hope take some stress off your back by providing the highest quality portable restroom trailer rentals. Call us today for more information at 1-877-600-8645.

If you would like to give a helping hand to those desperately in need, you can check out a few of the following organizations.

Team Rubicon

Samaritan's Purse

All Hands and Hearts Smart Response

Direct Relief


Despite disasters, it is amazing to see how our country comes together to support one another. It really makes us proud to be American. We are delighted to be able to provide for those suffering. As we reflect, we hope that less are affected in 2019, but know we are fully equipped, willing and able to provide them with what they need.

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