Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC recently put our customization capabilities on full display when we teamed up with online retailer Zappos for one of the most creative and exciting projects we’ve ever worked on.  We regularly customize every detail of our restroom rentals, from branding to electronics and more.  But this collaboration with Zappos truly pushed our engineering team to new heights.
In the business world, Zappos is known as a disruptor.  The company famously threw the entire retail footwear industry into upheaval when they began offering free shipping and unlimited returns on popular footwear brands as a startup back in 2000.  Their sales grew exponentially for several years, and the company was valued at $1.2 billion when it was purchased by Amazon in 2009.
With Zappos having stabilized as an industry leader in online retailing, CEO Tony Hsieh continues to look for opportunities to disrupt other traditional service industries.  He and his team have discussed ideas to disrupt a range of diverse industries including air travel, hospitality, and yes, luxury restroom rentals.

Creating an Unforgettable Restroom Rentals Experience

Zappos - Event - Trailer - Exterior.png

When Zappos approached PRT, they had envisioned a special portable restroom that would provide a one-of-a-kind experience for attendees at concerts, festivals, and special events.  With a robust set of innovative and imaginative features – the restroom would provide an unparalleled experience for attendees, while also serving to promote Zappos’s reputation for progress and innovation.
Their idea started simply enough with just a luxury portable restroom with red-velvet-roped line dividers and a live DJ to entertain guests as they waited.  But as the team at Zappos began to learn about the endless possibilities for customizing our luxury restroom rentals – their vision quickly took on a whole new look.
The end result is Zappos’s new “Porta-Party” and it’s generating a lot of buzz in the world of experiential marketing.  It is a brand-new approach to luxury restroom rentals that provides a fun and exciting experience where it’s least expected – in the public restrooms at major concerts and festivals.

5 Creative Customizations in Zappos’s Porta-Party

When you get in line for the Porta-Party, it’s instantly clear that this won’t be your average porta-potty experience.  Red velvet ropes guide you to the well-lit private entryway for a creatively designed trailer that is entirely wrapped in Zappos branding.
And when you step inside the trailer, you step into a unique restroom experience that you have certainly never encountered before.  There are more features in the new Porta-Party than we can list, but here are 5 of our favorites:

#5 – The Perfect Selfie Station


Inside the Porta-Party, we created a designated spot with flattering professional lighting and an eye-catching background that’s perfect for snapping a selfie in this one-of-a-kind restroom.  It’s called the Perfect Selfie Station – and during the trailer’s first few outings, more than 77% of users took advantage of this great opportunity to create a shareable memory.

#4 – Soap Dispenser Voting Station

Few things are as mundane as holding your hand out for an automated squirt of liquid soap at the sink in a public restroom.  But Zappos found a way to make this everyday activity fun and exciting. We placed two different soap dispensers side by side and put a prominent political candidate on both.  Users can “vote” by choosing their favorite candidate – and the results of the poll are shown in real-time on an interactive 20-inch display above the dispensers.

#3 – Fun Flush Prizes

Flushing the toilet when you’re done is a common courtesy that some people overlook.  To keep their new premium restroom rentals as clean as possible, Zappos decided to reward users for flushing the toilet with a unique set of “flush prizes.”  Think of a gumball machine that drops out a surprise every time the toilet is flushed! Prizes include chewing gum, lip balm, temporary tattoos, whistles, glow sticks, and more.

#2 – The Interactive Audio-Visual Urinal

This innovative feature was developed especially for the guys.  Imagine stepping up to a urinal, expecting to relieve yourself as you do every day – but when your stream reaches the back wall of the urinal, you are suddenly surrounded by a mystical audiovisual experience.  We incorporated 24 sensors into the ring of the urinal so that guys can control the tone of the sounds and the colors of the lights by moving their stream around within the urinal. It’s one of the biggest reasons why these Porta-Party restroom rentals are an unforgettable experience for concertgoers and festival attendees.

#1 – Zappos’s Signature Squatty Feet

After we gave the guys an audiovisual urinal, we had to come up with something special for the ladies as well.  We knew that lots of ladies prefer to squat, rather than sit, in public restrooms – so we came up with a special squatting system to make the experience as comfortable as possible.  Simply press a button on the wall, and two elevated squatting platforms move mechanically into place on either side of the toilet to create the perfect spot for a comfortable squat!

Endless Possibilities for Customizing Restroom Rentals

If you’re blown away by these innovative customizations, you need to get in touch with PRT today to learn more about our customization capabilities for restroom rentals, hand-washing stations, shower trailers, and more.  We have years of experience adding custom elements to our restroom rentals. We can add a working fireplace to create the ultimate in luxury and warmth. We can integrate elements of the restroom with mobile apps or interactive touchscreens.  As Zappos’s Porta-Party demonstrates, the sky is the limit.
Get in touch with PRT today at (877) 600-8645 to learn more.  One of our trained representatives will guide you through our extensive inventory of restroom rentals, discuss your options for capacity and customizations, and help you find a financing option to get all of the features you need within the constraints of your existing budget.