5 Health and Safety Tips for 2022 Events

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5 Health and Safety Tips for 2022 Events

When planning an event, there are so many details that tend to seduce the passionate planner away from more mundane tasks. You get swept up by menus and design, entertainment and florals, and may put key experiential things like health and safety at the end of your list.

It’s time to reprioritize! With flu season and COVID-19 making their rounds, it is important for event planners to pay extra attention to the health and safety of their crowds. Ensuring that everyone leaves in the same state they entered is more important than ever.

Fortunately, the savvy planner has learned that there are quite a few preventative measures that they can take to ensure their event is a safe and healthy environment for guests. See some tips below that will help you to make sure your visitors stay in tip-top shape despite the diseases that may come and go. 


Many of us take for granted the importance of drinking water. We don’t realize how necessary it is to keep our bodies running. This is especially true when temperatures begin to peak. Hot summer events see many victims of severe dehydration and it’s important that, as an event, you promote drinking water for health and safety. A hydrated body is also more capable of fighting off new bacteria that may enter the body. Make sure to provide free water for guests so you can ensure you do your part to keep your attendees hydrated.

Hand Washing

Handwashing is one of the best ways to prevent the spreading of disease, especially in a crowded setting. We all know how it goes: you touch a contaminated surface, germs are on your hands, you touch your face, now germs are in your body. It can be a vicious cycle, but can also be easily broken by washing your hands. Ensure your guests are practicing this important health and safety tip by providing handwashing stations in addition to your restrooms. Our Hand Washing Trailer is perfectly equipped to handle crowds of all sizes, allowing every guest access to a sink when they need one.


Let’s deal with the serious stuff first. When planning your event, paying attention to venue size is an important task because if you fill your venue above capacity, you’ll get fined. The fire department enforces capacity for health and safety purposes. So yes, we all want to avoid that fine! But more importantly, this reminds us to be conscious of crowd size. Overcrowded venues can cause violence and spread disease. Double-check your capacity requirements and listen to what Fire advises. It’s for your community’s own good.


When you see the word accessibility, your first thought is probably about those with disabilities. This is good! It is absolutely important to ensure that your event is accessible for all to enjoy and we make restroom trailers to ensure that the bathroom is a welcoming place as well. But let’s take accessibility a bit further. It’s not just about those with disabilities. It’s about ensuring bathroom lines don’t get too long or too packed, making sure first aid is available if needed (see #5 below!) and confirming that everyone can get to an exit in case of an emergency. Accessibility to these items and more can make or break your event when it comes to health and safety. Take the time to examine your venue and make sure that accessibility is prioritized for all. 

First Aid and Onsite Medical

In case the worst does happen for someone in your crowd, it is important for you, as the event manager, to be prepared for a medical emergency. No matter what the case may be, from severe dehydration to a small scratch needing a band-aid, making sure you have tools - and the people with knowledge - to assist is crucial. When it comes to events, you simply never know. It’s best to stay fully prepared and ready to take on whatever may get thrown at you.

With these tips, you can run successful events while keeping the health and safety of your crowd in mind. Preventative measures like hand washing and hydration ensure your event doesn’t cause the spreading of disease, and maintaining a safe crowd that has access to necessary amenities keeps attendees happy and well taken care of.

Let us help your event succeed further with restroom rentals! Our trailers are fully equipped with amenities that help to support health and safety. Contact us for information on what may be the perfect fit for your event!

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