At Portable Restroom Trailers, our biggest and oldest clientele know all about our full lineup of luxury portable restrooms. Luxury restrooms are our biggest market, and for decades we’ve been a premier provider of luxury portable restrooms for rental fleets, event venues, and exotic destinations all over the world.  However, many of these clients don’t even know that we also carry an extensive line of disaster relief trailers.
At times like these, when the United States is dealing with major natural disasters, we have to change our hats and focus on those disaster relief resources for a while.  It’s something that we hope we never need to do, but also something that gives us a lot of pride and satisfaction.  When disaster strikes and the country faces a major emergency – Portable Restroom Trailers is there with a full line of resources that include mass casualty trailers, environmental decon trailers, mobile shower trailers, and portable laundry services.

During a natural disaster, we meet a lot of new clients from every reach of the American economy.  We’re always interested to hear each client’s story and to start forging new relationships off our regular beaten path.  Here’s a quick look at five different types of organizations we’ve been helping to prepare for and respond to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma:

#5 – Government Agencies

We’ve been in touch with representatives from every level of government over the past few weeks - from huge federal agencies all the way to small counties and towns.  Days before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, we started shipping units south to the Texas coast to help communities there prepare for loss of utility services and the arrival of first responders.  As soon as the magnitude of the disaster became apparent, we started getting calls from cities across the state who needed restrooms, mobile shower trailers, and portable laundry services to accommodate large numbers of evacuees from Houston and other cities along the coast.

#4 – Major Corporations

One of the first calls we received when Harvey began moving north from Houston was from a major national bank that was beginning to deploy recovery resources throughout the region.  They were looking for commercial grade portable restrooms that could handle heavy foot traffic and dirty, wet conditions.  Their goal was to provide support to the communities around their branch locations, and we were happy to help.  Corporations have also reached out to us for environmental decon trailers to provide safety and sanitation for workers who are moving into recently flooded areas to begin the rebuilding process in their buildings and offices.

#3 – Non-Profit Disaster Relief Organizations

International aid organizations are involved in every aspect of major disasters – conducting huge fund-raising campaigns, circulating information across different elements of the disaster relief effort, and providing distribution services to circulate emergency supplies within disaster zones.  A few big non-profits are regular customers of ours because they maintain fleets of mobile response units.  But we often hear from them in the wake of a major disaster when they need additional temporary units to meet the demands of each individual emergency.

#2 – Churches and Religious Organizations

Religious organizations provide a way for communities to pool their resources in times of need.  In past emergencies, we’ve worked with individual churches and their regional governing bodies to supply various resources to their congregations and communities.  One of Houston’s mega-churches reached out to us shortly after Hurricane Harvey to request mobile shower trailers to support the evacuees who had taken up shelter within the church.  We delivered the necessary units within one day of the initial call, and we were happy to help the church provide safe and sanitary conditions for the displaced citizens they are helping.
#1 – Volunteer Groups and Local Charities
Local volunteer organizations don’t typically have the budget to support a full-time fleet of disaster relief resources.  But when disaster strikes in their communities, they are often a critical part of the initial response effort.  Because they are familiar with the terrain and the people in the local communities, charities and volunteer groups can almost instantly organize search parties and start setting up emergency triage services.  Local groups often reach out to us here at PRT during the earliest phases of an emergency, when basic services have been interrupted and people are gathering together for safety and security.
When disaster strikes, injury and illness become pressing concerns.  Normal health and wellness services are unavailable, as are basic utilities.  At times like this, it is critical for those affected to get access to basic sanitation services like restrooms, showers, and laundry.  Many of the units in our inventory of disaster relief resources are designed specifically for this purpose.  We can provide laundry trailers, shower trailers, decon trailers, and portable restrooms that instantly restore basic sanitation services to almost any location.
If your organization is involved in disaster relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma, contact PRT at (877) 600-8645 for assistance.  Our representatives are trained to help you navigate your options and make sure you have the services and capacity you need to maintain sanitary conditions until civil services are restored.