A new year is upon us! As we reflect on 2021, we can’t help but feel the need to celebrate the partners we worked with, both old and new. Our bathroom rentals were able to help businesses and organizations in many industries, including education, construction, hospitality, medical, events, and more. 

As we begin 2022, we want to highlight a few of the ways that bathroom rentals may come in handy for your business. Perhaps you have plans to renovate the company office. Maybe there’s an upscale event coming up that needs appropriate restroom options. No matter what your needs may be, we have a restroom solution for you!

Take some time to browse these top ways to use our bathroom rentals in the new year. Once you get some ideas, head over to our inventory and check out available options here.


As our country battles the COVID-19 pandemic, the events industry has begun to bounce back and bring us a TON of business. Why? Because planners and producers plan amazing events that are becoming more and more complex and well-designed each year, and porta-potties just won’t do. If you are in the event industry, or perhaps just in charge of the company picnic, consider bathroom rentals as your go-to restroom option. We design high-end rentals for every budget that are guaranteed to complement the ambiance and atmosphere of your event.

Temporary Business Needs

Perhaps you manage a shopping center that sees an influx of visitors on Memorial Day Weekend. Maybe high-level executives are visiting for a quarterly or annual meeting. A year in business can bring many unforeseen guests, and being prepared for their arrival is a top priority. For those random days during the year, look to bathroom rentals to ensure that all of your guests have access to the restroom when they need it.

Offsite Projects

Many industries take on projects that require them to visit offsite locations. With companies like those in construction, the majority of the work may not require an office at all. When your business is constantly on the road and setting up shop in a variety of locations, it is crucial that you ensure your staff and any visitors have reasonable restroom access. Bathroom Rentals are designed to provide a convenient restroom option that is portable yet comfortable, accessible, and well-designed.


Dedicated fans everywhere continue to follow their favorite teams around the nation, providing encouragement and support during big games. From College to pro, basketball to football, these fan bases are large in number and constantly on the mood. When anticipating a large number of tailgaters, ditch the porta-potties and upgrade to bathroom rentals. Affordable yet more efficient, this option shows fans that you care. 

Renovations and Construction

An inevitable part of business operations is building the office and keeping it up to date. This means that at some point, renovations will disturb your company. This does not mean you need to close up shop. When your business is a little dusty from construction, show staff, and visitors alike that you care about their comfort with bathroom rentals. Our portable options ensure that you provide everyone with a positive experience no matter what stage in the renovation or construction process you are in.

Bathroom Rentals Ready for 2022

We are looking forward to another fantastic year of business. As we prepare, make unique changes, and set new goals, we hope to provide the perfect bathroom rentals for your needs.

Ready to book your bathroom trailer rentals? Get in touch with us today and let’s start discussing the perfect restroom option for you!