The state of Texas has been celebrating the Texas Parks and Wildlife 50th Anniversary throughout the year. On Saturday, March 29, the Texas Conservation Hall of Fame will be celebrating with a festive evening in DallaLonghorns w/Bluebonnetss. An elaborate outdoor dinner with live entertainment, as well as a tribute to the remarkable history of the department will take place for 750 guests.
Portable Restroom Trailers is honored to participate in the celebration by providing four luxurious 28-foot restroom trailers for the event. Since the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s mission is to “make life better” outside, the event will be held outside. Although it is a large crowd, the restroom trailers are more than able in providing the space, comfort, and privacy that is necessary for an extraordinary event.
The portable restrooms offer climate control so the temperature can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate the guests. Hot and cold running water for hand washing is crucial for keeping everyone clean and healthy. And over-sized vanity mirrors with plenty of light for freshening up help the guests feel pampered and satisfied. The restrooms also offer full size stalls with locks, flushable toilets with foot pedals, and urinals with privacy panels to ensure a sanitary and safe experience for all. Even the night lighting outside the trailers are designed to keep you safe as you enter and exit the facility.
Renting portable restroom trailers for large events such as this is a benefit to all. It creates a more elegant atmosphere, provides a secure and comfortable alternative to indoor facilities, and illustrates to the guests how valuable they are. For businesses, this is essential in building a brand and reputation; for individuals, it is an extravagant yet affordable solution to using personal home bathrooms or porta potties; for guests, it is an indulgence that will surely be discussed, even after the event is over.
We know the restroom trailers will be a big hit at the anniversary party…we just hope they don’t steal the spotlight!