ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards are set by the Department of Justice and are rules that dictate how public and commercial facilities must make their places accessible to those with disabilities. This is so that people with disabilities can be fully functional and safe while participating in societal activities. Being compliant with those standards means that the facility has made the necessary adjustments to meet the requirements set by the government.
Facilities that are often left out of thought at public events are portable restroom trailers. If you think about it, how often do you see porta johns that are truly wheelchair accessible, not to mention clean enough to touch if the person needed to touch the surrounding toilet area?
While the ADA standards don’t apply to porta potties, some of the portable restroom trailers are built to be ADA compliant so they can better serve those with disabilities. These portable restroom trailers are private suites that are clean, wheelchair accessible, and safe. They contain flushable toilets and high clearance sinks with fresh running water. There is enough space, both inside and out, to make a 360 degree turn with a wheelchair, and to allow someone in the suit for assistance. They also include ramps that are shorter and lower for quick and easy access- no more pushing up a long, slippery, steep incline.
Would you rather send mom, dad, or grandma into a smelly, hot, cramped porta potty or a clean, safe, roomy, climate controlled suite?
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