ADA Restroom Rentals for High-End Event Venues

high end ada restroom rentals
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ADA Restroom Rentals for High-End Event Venues

All year long and in many different parts of the country, event producers and planners dream up high-end events. From the charity gala to the black tie soiree, movie premieres and award ceremonies, these events inspire us to dress to the nines and arrive looking our best. These special events have a way of leaving a lasting impression, bringing an almost other-worldly atmosphere to life. Many events make it a priority to ensure that those with disabilities are welcome and have a magical time as well, and ensuring that the event is completely accessible is important. This is where our ADA restroom rentals can help.

When event professionals find the venue that is just *it*, the one that brings their vision to life, it is often not completely outfitted for their needs. This is especially true when thinking about accessibility. Many old buildings were simply not built with ADA upgrades, but this doesn’t mean that these upgrades should be forgotten. 

When it comes to the restroom, we have made it a goal to design bathroom trailers for every need, from casual to first class. For your high-end event venues that need accessible restrooms, look to our collection of ADA restroom rentals. Below, we have handpicked a few luxury restroom trailers that are ADA-compliant in all 50 states. Take a look, then contact us to book yours for your next high-class event today.

  1. ADA +2 Marina Series

A perfect choice for small venues and events, the Marina Series is equipped with all the amenities of a home restroom. While ensuring that guests who need the additional space for access have it, this option also allows all guests to enjoy the spacious, elegant restroom atmosphere. Designed with two-tone gray accents, designer flooring, and ambient lighting, this restroom option will impress every VIP.

  1. ADA +8 Station Island Series

For those expecting a bigger crowd, we recommend the ADA +8 Station Island Series. This is one of our ADA restroom rentals that can handle large crowds with ease, and design touches to guarantee that high-end guests experience the elegant atmosphere that is found throughout the event. With uniquely designed sinks, non-slip flooring, and LED lighting that captures it all, this is the perfect medium-to-large restroom package for any upscale venue.

  1. ADA +8 Station Lagoon Blue Series

Another option for large crowds is this ADA restroom rental that provides you with a little extra wiggle room. The ADA +8 Station Blue Lagoon Series does just that. Without leaving upscale interior design behind, this ADA restroom trailer services up to 750 guests. We put luxury in the name for a reason, With bold, wooden accents throughout the trailer and custom cabinetry for storage, it’s an efficient yet elegant ADA restroom rentals.

We are proud to assist businesses that make it a priority to include everyone. With ADA restroom rentals, you can ensure that every guest feels special, welcome, and important. As you begin preparations for your next event, consider going the extra mile for those who need it. Contact us to begin your purchasing process, or continue to browse our ADA inventory

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