The summer season is always a time filled with travel, vacations, and those special adventures that only take place when the sun is shining. Working with the companies who host the summer fun makes our job that much more exciting. Providing ADA  restroom trailers that are luxurious enough to add to the elegant ambiance of a visitor’s experience while they enjoy their leisure time is rewarding. We daydream about the great resorts we get to work with, almost envious of those visitors - but our work allows us to experience the luxury for ourselves while proudly contributing.
During our work across the country, we’ve come across a wide variety of unique resorts, and Little Creek Casino was no different. Nestled in the little town of Shelton, WA, this quaint escape from reality called us when they had a portable restroom trailer need for their visitors. We were happy to visit, explore, and find the perfect match for them.


Surrounded by a unique terrain of rain forests, deep canyons, and high-peaked mountains, Little Creek Casino Resort is always ready and excited to welcome guests who are looking to relax, rejuvenate, and explore.
The resort features a full service hotel with newly remodeled rooms and suites. The luxurious accommodations are spacious, making every visitor feel like they’re in an executive suite. The hotel now features family rooms with added space for multiple sleepers. The resort took time with interior design, creating an atmosphere that feels like home with a touch of high-end influence. From a standard guest room to the two-spa suite, no matter what room level visitors choose, they are truly in for a special treat. Little Creek prides itself on providing an upscale experience for all visitors.
Little Creek also offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment for its guests. Throughout the year, the resort books a number of concerts, comedy acts, boxing, nightlife events, karaoke, DJs, local bands and more. Along with evening entertainment, guest can visit a number of bars and restaurants within the resort, including Starlight Lounge, where one can always find exciting live music, Skookum Spirit Cigar and Wine Lounge, a perfect spot for high-end dining and relaxation, and more.
Daytime activities can include a trip to Seven Inlets Spa. This is a spa that is dedicated to the art of well-being, offering a collection of massage therapies, facials, and body treatments. Proud to offer treatments that incorporate Native American influences and healing elements that soothe the mind and awaken the spirit. The spa often has a series of specials that visitors should take advantage of, like discount facials, luxury pedicures, and more.
Guests can also enjoy Salish Cliffs Golf Club during their stay at Little Creek. This par-72 championship course is sure to put the best and most enthusiastic golfers to the test with over 300 acres of lush green. Featuring stunning elevation changes, a diverse spread of natural plants and trees, and no development or housing to take away from the organic experience, this is sure to be a golfing experience that is athletically challenging, adventurous, and enjoyable.
Last, but definitely not least, the casino awaits all those ready to have a little fun playing a wide range of exciting games. With slot machines, table games, poker rooms, bingo, and other fun games that will have you wanting to play like a winner, this full service casino is ready to host a night out that will make memories for a lifetime.
Despite the many amenities that this highly rated casino features, they still had a need for a portable restroom option that contributed to the luxurious experience they aim to provide. The came to us, and after exploring their grounds and understanding their high-end experience goals, we were quick to make a suggestion.


Little Creek needed a portable restroom trailer that was luxurious, ADA-accessible, and convenient for all if its guests. We suggested the ADA Portable Restroom Trailer, Cabo Series. This ADA restroom trailer offers guests the high end experience they get throughout the resort, making an everyday activity that much more comfortable.
The Cabo Series is a 16-foot ADA portable restroom trailer with an earth-tone interior, fitting in perfectly with the natural elements surrounding Little Creek Casino Resort. Users will find one unisex suite and one California ADA-compliant restroom suite, meeting the highest level of ADA requirements in the US. The trailer includes a 125 gallon fresh water tank and 382 gallon waste tank, perfect for a moderate amount of use.

The unisex suite is outfitted with a pedal flush toilet, corner sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and abundant interior lighting. The ADA restroom suite has a similar setup with a flushing china toilet, sink and shatterproof mirror, with the additional ADA requirements added in, like grab rails and room for a 360 degree turn radius. Both suites include monitored sink temperatures, blow dryers, and paper towel dispensers.
Restroom operators can ensure that guests have a comfortable experience in this portable restroom trailer with the use of air conditioning and heat strips that maintain the unit’s temperature no matter what the weather my be like outside. It is also equipped with insulated walls and ceiling to further aid in a comfortable interior atmosphere.
This easy to manage unit was a convenient choice for Little Creek Casino Resort. It provides guests with the same experience that they receive throughout the resort - a luxurious atmosphere fitted with all the amenities needed for comfort. This ADA restroom trailer continues to make guests happy at the resort today.


Tell us about a luxurious resort you’ve visited in the past or one where you’re headed for your next getaway. What about the resort makes it stand out from all others. Resort managers - reach out to us with your restroom needs. We can recommend a portable restroom trailer solution no matter the level of luxury and usability. We can’t wait to see where we end up next.