Over the past few weeks, we have spent a lot of time on the blog talking about the joys of summer travel, and with the arrival of the month of August, we can’t help but encourage our readers to squeeze in one last trip. As providers of portable restroom trailers for all types of businesses, our work travel has allowed us to enjoy the perks of summer vacation while on the job. From new parks to high-end resorts, we have been able to see a lot of what our lovely nation has to offer for travelers. This time we explore a beautiful, mountainous area for an ADA shower trailer.
While travel options are wide and diverse, there is nothing quite like a traditional camping trip. Abandoning the conveniences of town and city living to fully immerse in nature is an experience like no other. From no-frills tents to the new glamping trend, camping has become an activity for those who want to enjoy nature, whether they do so the grassroots way or with those modern amenities that upscale camping now has to offer.
We recently visited Arizona’s Nordic Village, a campsite with a history of preserving nature and inviting all types of visitors and events to its vast lands. With the new, exciting perks that they offer, they saw the need for a shower trailer rental, and they knew we were the company for the job.


With a beginning as Babbitt Ranches, one of the West’s largest ranching operations, this company has always placed a large amount of value on its land and nature. As the ranch continued to flourish, they saw an opportunity to join forces with Flagstaff Nordic Center, an outdoor recreation company.
The two made their merge, becoming Arizona Nordic Village. The combined land is quickly becoming known not only for ranching, but for camping, races, events, cross-country skiing, and more. They have catered business meetings, hosted a variety of bike and foot races, have cabins and yurts ready for campers who come to vacation, and so much more. Passion and creativity has turned the Arizona Nordic Village into an outdoor recreational destination.
In partnership with the Forest Service and surrounding local community, Babbitt Ranches hopes to create more outdoor activities that further connect people with nature. They believe that their job is to inspire individual ethics and conviction, ensuring that the heart of their vision and message is to enjoy, appreciate, and care for the natural land.
Arizona Nordic Village is excited to continue expanding its offerings with additions like organized public events; an expanded trail system; additional recreation opportunities at the Arizona Nordic Village and on Babbitt land; and rustic design improvements showcasing the western style and landscape.
Since 1886, Babbit Ranches has run its business on what used to be called “The Code of the West,” which is hospitality, fair play, loyalty, respect for others, and respect for the land. They thank this code for their continued success as the Nordic Village continues to flourish and grow.


As amenities continue to be added to Arizona Nordic Village’s list of offerings, they see more and more visitors with each passing month. As much as these visitors may enjoy the outdoors, there are just some modern perks that many do not want to sacrifice. The need for a permanent, four season portable restroom trailer option was soon realized, and once we observed the Nordic Village’s need, we suggested the ADA +3 Station Portable Restroom Trailer/ Shower Trailer Combo, Sierra Series.

This ADA shower trailer for rent was an ideal solution for the village. The 32 foot shower trailer rental is equipped with three unisex suites and one California ADA-compliant unisex suite.
The exterior is clean and durable, built with scratch and dent-proof material. Each suite is completely private with separate entrances for each. Guests are greeted with a clean interior, each featuring a shower, flushing china toilet, sink vanity, and mirror. The ADA suite, which is also spacious enough to double as a family restroom suite, is designed to make both the shower and toilet accessible for all with disabilities. The unit is equipped with grab rails and has grab rails for further assistance. The ADA restroom suite can also lower to the ground with the touch of a button, making access easy and allowing for a shorter ramp that takes up a much smaller footprint.
To ensure guests are always comfortable, this ADA shower trailer for rent is equipped with air conditioning and heat strips to guarantee that the temperature stays comfortable no matter what outside weather is like. This trailer equipped to withstand extreme temperatures, even below zero. The insulated walls and ceiling further aid in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.
We were able to customize this ADA shower trailer for the Arizona Nordic Village. They wanted a portable restroom trailer that required a coin payment for shower use. There is nothing we love more than a creative custom order, and we rose to the challenge. We were able to create a shower trailer rental that required payment for each shower use, lowering the out-of-pocket cost of their trailer.
The Sierra Series restroom/ shower trailer rental combo also comes with the Smarter Restrooms App. This allows unit operators to manage the system remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The app helps managers to check fresh water and waste tank levels, unit temperature, and power. This feature makes managing any shower trailer for rent easier and accessible for those who may not be familiar with portable restroom trailers.
With the addition of the ADA shower trailer for rent, Arizona Nordic Village has one less thing to worry about as their business continues to grow. The unit is ready to handle regular use, is dependable no matter the weather, and allows visitors to keep at least one luxury amenity. We wish the Nordic Village the best as they continue to care for their land and expand their outdoor recreational business!