Are Portable Restroom Trailers an Event at the Olympics?

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Are Portable Restroom Trailers an Event at the Olympics?
The 2012 Olympics are upon us! Tonight is the opening ceremony which will mark the beginning of days of fierce competition for hundreds of athletes. They will be proudly representing their country, working hard to make a spot for their homeland in the book of medal winners. The games will culminate with the closing ceremony on Sunday, August 12.
The Olympics are the pinnacle of years, even lifetimes, of training. These elite athletes have gone through agony developing their bodies into machines for a chance to prove they are the best in the world. Within minutes, even seconds in some events, the world knows who the gold medal winner is. A lifetime of hopes and dreams are made or lost in a few moments.
Even though the games are held in London this year, we’re hoping that the city made preparations for enough portable restroom trailers. For the next two weeks, London will be inundated with hundreds of thousands of guests. And with all that’s going on at different venues, we’re guessing the more portable restroom trailers that are located around the city, the better. Restroom trailers are an easy option for this type of event since they can be relocated and are generally very appreciated by the guests.
Will you be heading to London for the Olympic experience, or will you just experience the games from the comfort of your own living room?
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