With the arrival of the winter season, many businesses begin to think about how they can profitably operate through extreme weather. With parking lots to pave, buildings to keep warm, staff to care for, and more, this list of tasks for managers and owners seems never-ending. When it comes to having a restroom option for your business needs, we make your job a little easier by providing restroom trailer rentals with 4 season packages.

What is the 4 season package? This is a system upgrade that we designed in preparation for those extreme weather months. It’s an add-on for restroom trailers that ensures your unit is equipped to handle a wide range of temperatures. It ensures that your fleet can stay up and running through the hot summer weather with air conditioning and insulation, and can also handle winter storms that reach temps as low as -20 degrees. The upgrades this package has makes sure that restroom trailer rentals operate smoothly and also keeps guests comfortable with interior climate control. It’s a win-win upgrade - easier extreme weather operations and guaranteed guest comfort and satisfaction!

We know that some businesses are small or operating on smaller budgets, so we have handpicked 5 great restroom trailer rentals that are now in stock with a 4 season package already built in. All prices listed include the 4 season upgrade, so you can trust our honest and transparent listings. Find the perfect fit for your business’ winter needs!

4 Season Restroom Trailer Rentals

1. 2 Station Cabo Comfort Series

This compact but mighty option is a great fit for those hiring temporary or seasonal staff. With an elegant yet simple design, it is a unit that will impress casual guests. Ideal for holiday shoppers, ice skaters, Christmas tree browsers, and more, this solution is a portable restroom option that can keep you operating smoothly while keeping guests comfortable.

2. 2 Station Combo, Classic Series

small portable restroom rentals

Some people still want to enjoy the outdoors, event when its cold out! For those who keep campgrounds, lakes, hiking trails, ski resorts, and more open during the winter season, this is the restroom trailer rental for you. Equipped with both a toilet and shower option, this is a perfect choice for active guests who might enjoy a quick rinse after vigorous activity. It’s still easy to work up a sweat despite the snow!

3. ADA +2 Station Cabo Series

For companies that need to prioritize accessibility, the ADA +2 Station Cabo Series is an option that is compact yet available to all. Like many of our ADA restroom trailer rentals, this unit is ADA-compliant in all 50 states. The ADA suite is easy to operate, lowering to the ground with the touch of a button, and has a short ramp that does not take up too much of your space. 

4. 3 Station Calypso Series

If your business sees a slightly higher volume of users, a 3 station restroom trailer rental will service you well. With a capacity of up to 350 guests, this unit is best for small winter venues and events. The design is simple yet elegant, ensuring all visitors enjoy a restroom experience with ambiance. 

5. 3 Station Luxury Series

Winter weather does not stop high-end events or businesses from operating, and you’ll need a restroom trailer rental that compliments the upscale atmosphere you’ve created. The Luxury Series is designed to do just that. Impress VIPs and special guest with this unit, which boasts added interior touches and top-of-the-line equipment.

A Winter Weather Restroom Solution

If you think one of these restroom trailer rentals is a great fit for you, especially for those needing 4 season packages, begin your order process today! Feel free to contact us if you have a few final questions, or request a quote if you’re ready to go.

We encourage you to browse our full inventory of restroom trailer rentals. While the options listed above have the 4 season package included, all of our trailers come with the ability to add this feature. Let us customize the perfect restroom for you!