Since Portable Restroom Trailers was founded in 2007, our CEO has made it a priority to design and manufacture a restroom trailer for every need. Since our early days, we have come a long way and taken huge strides in the process towards that goal. ADA restroom trailers were revolutionary when they were designed, creating an accessible option for those who need it without sacrificing experience and elegance.

Today, we are proud to be a leading provider of high-end ADA restroom trailers and continue to design trailers that fit every need and make each and every customer feel included. Our ADA restroom trailers are fully compliant in all 50 states, ensuring that all clients can get the restroom  they want no matter where they live. 

We currently have a number of restroom trailers on sale at closeout prices! If you are looking to buy, now is the time. Below, we’ve handpicked a variety of ADA restroom trailers that are currently on sale at $800-$5,000 less than originally priced. This is a huge savings and a perfect time to begin investing in your restroom trailers fleet! Take a look at the trailers below, then spend time browsing the sale here to find exactly what you’re looking for. If it’s ADA restroom trailers you want, you’re sure to find your restroom solution below. 

1. Single ADA Oahu Series

Original price: $35,230

Closeout price: $34,420

The Single Station Oahu Series is a great solution for those needing a restroom option that is compact yet mighty. Capable of servicing 125 guests before needing maintenance, this is one of our ADA restroom trailers that is favored by offices, small event venues, and other locations that like offering an ADA suite that can double as a family suite. 

2. ADA +2 Station Cabo Series

Original Price: $42,720

Closeout price: $39,420

For casual settings that require a restroom option that can handle a small- to medium-sized crowds, the ADA +2 Station Cabo Series is a perfect solution. This is one of our ADA restroom trailers that is adaptable, ensuring that all of your casual guests, from camp to business, are satisfied with the value. 

3. ADA +2 Station Grand Mariner Series

Original price: $66,580

Closeout price: $60,310



If you have primarily high-end guests visiting your office, event, or venue, the Grand Mariner Series is an ideal choice. Intentionally designed to impress VIPs, this restroom trailer guarantees not only efficient equipment, but ambiance as well. Created by the Satellite brand, an high-end manufacturer in the restroom trailer business, these ADA restroom trailers are favored by country clubs, wedding venues, and movie sets. 

4. ADA +4 Station Oahu Series

Original price: $53,730

Closeout price: $51,310

Versatility should be the name of this restroom trailer! We have seen it satisfy the needs for a wide variety of businesses with very diverse backgrounds. From the construction site to water parks, campgrounds to sports arenas, this is one of our ADA restroom trailers that is truly a crowd pleaser. Built with the best materials and with a casual yet statement interior design, it’s a no-brainer choice for anyone looking for an accessible portable restroom option.