Bathroom Rentals for Anchored Soul

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Bathroom Rentals for Anchored Soul

As we continue to help a wide variety of companies and organizations with portable bathrooms for rent, we stumble upon new and creative events that truly surprise us. From wooden boat shows to county carnivals, it’s amazing to see how America gathers, celebrates, and has fun! Our bathroom rentals are designed to support unique events of all types, from casual to formal.

This month, a new event takes the ribbon for most unique. Hosted in Belmont, NC, a stand up paddle race is about to take off and we are so glad we got to partner with Anchored Soul, the local board store, that is putting this event on. Learn a little more about this shop and what they do:

“Anchored Soul is a Stand Up Paddle Boarding Company in Belmont, NC. We offer Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Paddle Boarding Private Lessons, SUP Lessons, and SUP Rentals.

Anchored Soul is your premier stand up paddle boarding company located in Belmont, NC and the surrounding area. We specialize in a variety of services, including paddle boarding lessons, paddle boarding classes, paddle boarding rentals, kids paddle boarding, and more. We have the skill and experience necessary to serve as your full-service paddle board rental company, offering you the best destination spots when it comes to exploring the beautiful Lake Wylie area. You won't ever need a truck to haul the boards; just show up and we'll provide everything you need.”

In order to engage with their community, Anchored Soul hosts a wide range of fun and unique events. This month, they are hosting the Bon Temps Paddle Battle on Wylie, a unique race that many of us have probably not witnessed before. Contestants will ride on stand up paddle boards and race for the finish line, all while balancing and hoping not to fall off. 

With a large number of contestants and intrigued spectators gathering at Wylie Lake in North Carolina to join in on the excitement, Anchored Soul realized they needed an accessible restroom option. The bathrooms provided, if any, would not be enough for their many guests. That’s when they turned to us for bathroom rentals.


Anchored Soul wanted an ADA-compliant restroom option that ensured all of their guests would have the access they needed. They also wanted an upscale option that would impress guests. As they browsed our collection of bathroom rentals, they settled on the ADA +2 Station Grand Mariner Series. This Satellite brand trailer is designed with the best equipment in our industry and always delivers more than our clients expect

ADA bathroom rentals

Like many of our bathroom rentals, the Grand Mariner Series measures 20 feet in length, perfect for companies looking for something a little more compact. With a 360 gallon waste tank and a 105 gallon fresh water tank, this unit can handle regular use throughout the long event day. 

This popular portable bathrooms for rent option features a men’s suite, women’s suite, and ADA-compliant unisex suite. The exterior is simple and cleanly designed, reinforced to prevent scratches and dents. Each suite is accessible by sturdy, aluminum steps and rails for safety, and the ADA suite comes with a short ramp for easy wheelchair access.

The restroom rental is built with insulated walls to keep the interior temperature comfortable despite outside weather. The temperature is further maintained with an interior air conditioner and heater, ensuring that guests enjoy a pleasant climate when using the restroom.

The interior is equipped with nonslip designer flooring for safe yet stylish use. The men’s and women’s suite feature flushable toilets, a sink vanity, and shatterproof mirror, with a urinal added to the men’s suite. The California ADA-compliant suite is built to lower to the ground with a touch of a button, allowing for a shorter ramp that takes up less space. The suite is built with an accessible toilet and sink, and grab rails are added for safety and easy access. The unit’s interior also allows for 360-degree turns in a wheelchair to further allow for a comfortable experience.

bathroom rentals with ADA access

The outside of each door comes with ample lighting to ensure that access is safe, no matter what time it may be. Altogether, this is one of our bathroom rentals that is perfect for an event planner that values safety, elegance, and accessibility for all.

Anchored Soul was happy with their choice and we’re sure the event will be a hit! If you are interested in portable bathrooms for rent at your next event or gathering, go explore our website for a perfect fit for your needs!

In need of a little guidance? Feel free to contact us. Our sales team is equipped to help and happy to assist you with finding your portable bathrooms for rent. 

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