As the weather *finally* begins to heat up, our thoughts are beginning to drift to those prime summer locations. No matter where you live in the country, there are those special place where so many memories take place. The majority of summer fun happens outside, and when spending hours out in the sun and water, an accessible restroom option is often a priority. Bathroom trailers can help.

When you think about it, how often do we find ourselves hiking from our favorite summer spot all the way to one or two brick-and-mortar restrooms, many of which will have a line and lack the room needed considering the volume of users? 

Bathroom trailers provide an easy, affordable, and portable bathroom solution no matter what the venue is. As many prepare to head to their favorite summer spots this year, it is crucial that site managers consider solutions for restroom access to improve the visitor experience. Below, find some venues that have benefited from using restroom trailers in the past, and see which trailers pair well with these venues. Bathroom trailers have changed the game when it comes to outdoor restroom access, and we are proud to provide some of the best.

Community Pool

bathroom trailers at the pool

Whether you live in an apartment complex, gated community, or neighborhood with a pool a couple blocks away, the community pool provides an easily accessible stay-cation for those needing relief from the heat without the travel time. No matter what your pool activity may be, from lounging and tanning to diving off the high board, there is always fun to be had. 

Typically, there are crowded brick-and-mortar bathroom options at these pools, and occasionally the restroom is quite a distance away from visitors. Some don’t even provide a restroom option! Bathroom trailers can provide a safe, poolside restroom option for those who need it. Units like the 8 Station Platinum Series are a great solution that can handle a large volume of visitors throughout the day. 

Country Clubs

portable bathrooms at country clubs

From the tennis courts to the pool, the dinner terrace to the golf course, there are a large variety of activities to enjoy at the country club. These social venues can sometimes spread over hundreds of acres. If a guest finds themselves in need of a restroom when far away from options, their experience and overall impression of the club could be compromised.

Ensure that guests are always comfortable, no matter where they are throughout the country club, with bathroom trailers. The 9 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series is a portable restroom option that matches the ambiance of the country club with upscale interior design and high-quality touches.


camping with bathroom trailers

Camping is one of the most universally enjoyed summer activities throughout the nation. Kids attend summer camp to make new friends and learn, organizations go on camping trips together to bond and get to know one another, and even the city dwellers who couldn’t quite give up all the amenities of home came up with glamping as a compromise and solution. This is another location where restrooms are often scarce, and we’ve all experienced that long walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, spooked by every crack of a twig.

With multiple bathroom trailers, campground managers can ensure that everyone has a restroom within a reasonable distance. The 3 Station Restroom/ Shower Trailer, Classic Series even comes with a shower option so that guests have access to a hot shower.  

The Field

bathroom trailers support sports

Summer is sporting season! No matter what field you or a loved one plays on - soccer field, baseball diamond, football field, even the volleyball beach! - summer is a time to get active. Often, these fields provide little to no restroom option that is within a reasonable distance. If you have a restroom emergency, you’ll have to run to make it to the nearest restroom.

Restroom trailers are an easy solution once again. Providing restrooms near the sidelines changes the game, making that trip to the restroom less stressful and more accessible for all. Options like the 10 Station Takoma Series can handle the large volume of players and spectators no matter the sport

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