Hello to our home state! It is so exciting to get to share with all of our customers and readers the wonderful highlights about the state of South Carolina. This is where our company was founded and experienced its early beginnings. Our CEO loves her home state and was excited to launch Portable Restroom Trailers with the many small businesses that needed bathroom trailers, and we still work with so many of them to this day.

There are many things we could highlight about the vibrant state of South Carolina. Known for its beautiful beaches, historic landmarks, and affordable and thriving cities, there is so much to love and experience here. Combining the best of southern charm with beachfront lifestyle, this is a state with a climate and activity for every personality. Nature lovers will also have their fill exploring gorgeous landscapes in the Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve, Woods Bay State Park, and more nationally protected locations.

History buffs get to experience some of the best of pre-civil war history, and this paired with fun destinations like the UFO Welcome Center and the Button Museum leaves every visitor with a full itinerary.

Thriving industries in South Carolina include office, agriculture, aerospace, manufacturing and tourism. With these thriving industries and so many more, our bathroom trailers were in high demand when our founder launched PRT over a decade ago, and remain so today. 

Below, see some of our top bathroom trailer recommendations for the state of South Carolina, then head over to our Available Now inventory to continue browsing great options for your business.


large bathroom trailers

For those who need portable restrooms that get the job done for a large crowd and don’t need to spend additional finances on extras, this is the choice for you. Options like the 10 Station Classic Series are elegant without overdoing it and service large crowds with ease. Durable and easy to clean, this unit is perfect for your beach visitors.


large restroom trailers

For large facilities who need to service hundreds of employees a day, the 10 Station Calypso Series is the portable restroom trailer for you. With five stations in both the men’s and women’s suites, access is efficient and easy for your employees and staff. This trailer is also equipped with basic restroom amenities like running water, soap and paper towel dispensers, mirrors, and ample lighting. 


luxury bathroom trailers

For businesses that value luxury and elegance for customers and staff alike, the 3 Station Luxury Series is a great fit. This trailer acts as a perfect addition to a medium-sized restroom that needs a few more stations for accessibility when your staff needs it. In comparison to our other portable restrooms for rent, the Luxury series is valued for its careful and thoughtful design, making it ideal for executive staff, venue caterers, event staff, and more. 


combo bathroom trailers

Due to the variety of campus needs, one of our more versatile portable bathroom trailers is recommended for this group. The 6 Station Locker/ Restroom/ Shower Trailer Combo is a fully equipped locker room on wheels, perfect for the sports department or for dorm room renovations. With lockers to store items safely, showers for after long hours of practice, and a restroom for relief on your way from one end of campus to another, this trailer is a hit on college campuses due to its ability to solve a multitude of problems. 

Restaurants and Bars

classic bathroom trailers

Whether you’re headed to the local bar and grill to watch the big game with family or enjoying lunch with a coworker, this dining option gives you the quick pace of a fast food restaurant with the comfort and elegance of casual dining. We have many portable restrooms that fit in with this efficient yet comforting experience, like the 6 Station Classic Series. This trailer echoes the fast paced yet relaxed vibe of fast-casual dining perfectly.