No matter what the size of your town or city, one thing that is always prioritized by city managers is cleanliness. This is a top item on their list because clean streets are what make places appealing to tourists and locals alike. Tourists want to stroll down clean sidewalks as they explore the local landmarks, and locals want the same as they head to work in the morning or to their favorite weekly farmer’s market.

It gets difficult to maintain those clean city streets when a public restroom is not available to all. Unfortunately, homelessness has become prevalent around the country, especially on the west coast, and while solutions are found, these humans still need access to basic amenities. This is what our restroom trailers can be used for.

Below, get a summary of the public restroom plans that San Francisco is implementing to ensure that they have cleaner streets, and what options we have to help you with your clean city solutions.


The housing crisis in San Francisco has become one of the city’s top issues. As city managers make plans to continue to address the situation, steps to provide their homeless population with access to basic amenities are already in the works. On Thursday, June 20, 2019, Mayor London Breed announced plans to increase the city’s sanitation budget to $11.9 million. These funds will go towards upgrading current restroom options and adding new ones, including some restroom trailers.

Over $6 million of this budget will go towards the city’s Pit Stop Program. According to a 2018-2020 budget proposal, “Pit Stops are public restrooms—installed either permanently or temporary portables—that are staffed by trained attendants. The attendants ensure that the restrooms are safe, clean, and not the site of criminal behavior. In turn, the restrooms are much more attractive for people to use.”

An article on local San Francisco news outlet, Curbed SF, reports that: “Of the proposed $11.9 million, $3.4 million will cover street cleaning, but the majority would go toward Pit Stop, with seven new locations promised. That’s the equivalent of more than $1.2 million per toilet, but Mission Local estimated in 2018 that ‘a single Pit Stop can cost between $170,000 and $205,000 a year to operate’—up to $410,000 per toilet on a two-year budget.”

One of our main goals for cities like San Francisco is making these new restroom options affordable. Our restroom trailers are designed to fit any budget and are flexible and customizable to ensure that they satisfy your needs.


As the city of San Francisco gets ready for their restroom upgrade, we are here and ready to help by providing affordable restroom trailers. Our sales professionals are trained to work with any budget and can find the ideal fit for their needs. 

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