Build a Sanitation Business with Portable Restroom Trailers

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Build a Sanitation Business with Portable Restroom Trailers

Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, we have worked with a variety of industries. We have seen beautifully designed outdoor events, practical construction sites, refuges for disaster victims, and so many others in between. As we got to know the industry, we realized a surprising fact - an industry we serve quite regularly is the sanitation business.

You read that right! We have worked with a wide variety of companies in our very own industry by providing portable restroom trailers for them as they grow their business. Some may think, “why help those who could someday be your competition?” The simple answer: it’s just smart business. 

We are unique in that we design and build our own units, and ours are special, to say the least. Before our CEO, Teri Pahon, decided to open up a new sanitation company, she noticed an interesting lack in our industry when it comes to manufacturing. Why wasn’t anyone making units with amenities?

Before Portable Restroom Trailers, you’d find very basic temporary bathroom options. Just the necessities. But what about climate control? Designer interiors? Paper towel and blow dryer options? 

These thoughts are what inspired Teri to start her company, restroom trailers with all of the amenities of home restrooms. In our industry, there are few like us, and those looking to break into it are interested in completed products. 

We began working with individuals and companies alike and found that this was a win-win scenario. We produce a unique product, and they want to rent or sell that product to their customers. We are proud to be a company who can help others achieve their goals. If you are interested in building a business in the sanitation industry, here are three ways we can help! 

Start with Restroom Rentals

If you are just getting started in the industry, perhaps you don’t have the funds to purchase your own trailer or don’t quite have the credit to finance. This is no problem at all.

We have a wide variety of portable restroom trailers for rent. Almost all of our available units for sale are also available for rent. Our rentals are affordable and fit for a variety of needs, like luxury events and project sites. Communicate with your clients and see what their needs are, then reach out to us we will find the restroom rental that fits your needs.

Define Your Audience

As you get started in the sanitation business, a crucial question you need to ask yourself is, “Who actually needs portable restroom trailers?” To be honest, the answers may be less obvious than you think. 

Check out these three very different companies who found a need for portable restroom trailers:

Salvation Army New Mexico

Rivers Bend RV Resort

Luxury Loo

Purchase a Portable Restroom Trailers Fleet

For those ready to commit to the sanitation business, we have a wide variety of fleets available for sale. From shower to laundry trailers, two station to twelve station, we have what you need to start renting your purchased fleet. Some of those who we’ve sold to doubled their profit in a year or less!

We have a number of purchase options. Choose to make monthly payments, finance your portable restroom trailers, or pay in full to take advantage of section 179 tax savings. Get in touch with our sales team for options!

Ready to get started in the sanitation business? Message us and let us know if you’re ready to rent or purchase your portable restroom trailers!

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