ADA Restroom Trailers

One key factor that we pride ourselves for here at Portable Restroom Trailers is our diverse collection of units. We have made it a goal to design a restroom trailer for every need, from basic site project needs to black tie level elegance. This includes prioritizing accessibility with ADA restroom trailers
When browsing our large collection, it is easy to see that we are well on our way to achieving our goal. There are so many options, in fact, that it gets a bit overwhelming when navigating the various types and units. This blog topic exists to simplify your search.
If your business, event, or organization is in need of ADA restroom trailers, this section should give you some guidance. See what makes each of these trailers unique and how they can upgrade your restroom experience.

#ADA25 Americans With Disabilities Act Turns 25 on July 26th!

#ADA25 YEARS OLD! Can you imagine not being able to use a public restroom because there was no way to get inside? What if you were turned down for a job just because you had different needs from everyone else in the room? These were very real concerns for many in the United States before the Americans With Disabilities Act...
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ADA Portable Restrooms for Graduations

May and June mark the start of two different seasons; warm weather and graduations. For some high schools and colleges, this gives an opportunity to hold their graduation ceremony outdoors. An outdoor graduation can be a great option for schools with a scenic campus or for schools that simply don’t have an indoor space big enough to hold an entire...
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ADA Restroom Trailers: A Perfect Facility Solution

ADA compliance is especially important when it comes to Portable Restroom Trailers. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe while using our restroom trailers which is why we offer a full line of certified ADA-compliant portable trailers. Every ADA trailer is manufactured to deliver the highest degree of safety, maneuverability, and ease. The Americans with Disabilities Act...
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ADA Compliance for Portable Restroom Trailers: What is that?

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards are set by the Department of Justice and are rules that dictate how public and commercial facilities must make their places accessible to those with disabilities. This is so that people with disabilities can be fully functional and safe while participating in societal activities. Being compliant with those standards means that the facility has...
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New Portable Restroom Trailers Deliver ADA Advantages Without Breaking Your Budget

Even though it's still cold outside, it's getting closer and closer to summer event season. And for many small towns and cities that means preparing for an influx of visitors and tourists. Along with an influx of visitor and tourist dollars. And when we talk to a lot of these event planners, one of their biggest concerns is how to...
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