Luxury Restroom Rentals

5 Amazing Features from the Ultimate Luxury Restroom Rentals

Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC recently put our customization capabilities on full display when we teamed up with online retailer Zappos for one of the most creative and exciting projects we’ve ever worked on.  We regularly customize every detail of our restroom rentals, from branding to electronics and more.  But this collaboration with Zappos truly pushed our engineering team to new...
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Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals for Television’s Biggest Stars

PRT was recently contacted by the production crew for one of television’s hottest comedies.  The show periodically shoots on-location on the east coast, and they needed to provide top-notch restroom facilities for the show’s cast, which includes A-list celebrities and TV veterans. This wasn’t the first time PRT has been asked to provide luxury portable restroom rentals for a big-time...
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Helping Pumper Services and Small Fleets with Luxury Restroom Rentals

The restroom rentals business is a wide-ranging industry with many different niches and specializations.  At PRT we have a unique role in the big picture.  We serve as a hub of sorts, connecting players from every nook and cranny of the industry.  We work with original equipment manufacturers, service providers, fleet owners, and end users… pretty much everyone. If it...
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Luxury Restroom Rentals for New York’s Rich and Famous

When you think of a public restroom in New York City, what comes to mind probably isn’t a comfortable, luxurious place.  Your typical NYC public restroom reflects the character of the city – busy, crowded, and sometimes dirty.  But there is one very noteworthy exception, and it’s getting a serious upgrade this year. Luxury restroom rentals are the solution! The...
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Luxury Portable Restrooms for Rent in Paradise

There are relatively few places on earth where you can rent a room for more than $3,000 per night.  These are the most exclusive destinations in the world.  They attract big name celebrities, even royalty, with prospects of a private and luxurious vacation.  Remote and exclusive destinations like these rely on PRT to provide luxury portable restrooms for rent and...
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