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Create a Camping Oasis with Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale

Camping out is one of the oldest recreational activities in the world.  Over the past few decades, Americans have made some major updates to the traditional camping experience – with one of the biggest improvements coming from updated restroom facilities like those available in PRT’s inventory of portable restroom trailers for sale. Every summer, families around the country pack up...
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Luxury Portable Restrooms for America’s Top Private Racetrack

When we deliver luxury portable restrooms to one of our valued clients, several different factors have been taken into consideration before the unit ever leaves our lot.  Of course, we will have determined the correct capacity and the ratio of gender-specific accommodations; but there are several less obvious factors that we also take into consideration – some of which involve...
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Portable Restroom Trailers for Municipal Governments

Portable restrooms may seem like a fairly predictable business, but here at PRT we regularly come across new and interesting applications for our inventory of portable restroom trailers.  Some of the most exciting applications we’ve found this season have come from municipal governments in cities and towns across the country. Over the years, we have supported many cities with portable...
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Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale in Big Sky Country

Municipal governments are some of our most reliable business partners here at PRT.  We provide portable restroom trailers for sale to cities and towns across the country for a variety of requirements including sporting events, seasonal festivals, and busy entertainment districts. The cities we have worked with span the continent from Florida to California.  But we recently got our very...
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Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers in the Hamptons

At Portable Restroom Trailers, we’re no stranger to the beaches, docks, and marinas of America.  We have provided portable restroom solutions from the east coast to the west coast and to almost every major body of water in between.  But now and then we meet a new client who takes our appreciation of the marine environment to new heights.  ...
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Glamping in Big Sur with Luxury Portable Restrooms

Few places on earth offer the stunning array of breathtaking scenery that is available in Big Sur, California. We recently shipped out a pair of luxury portable restrooms to the area. They’re not the first units we’ve delivered to this exclusive region, and we’re certain that they’re going to fit right in with the luxurious and refined experience that travelers...
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