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Portable Restroom Trailers Used for School Renovations

Portable restroom trailers are being used all over the country, not just for weddings, parties, or home renovations, but for facility solutions. Schools, in particular, are using portable bathrooms for the staff and students while renovations to the facilities are made.A seminary in San Diego is using restroom trailers for their faculty and students while they wait for their permanent restrooms to be completed this fall. Renovations through the summer were a challenge due to the heat and no air conditioning. Fortunately the trailers are climate controlled, so when nature called, instead of it being an annoyance, it was probably a blessing!A Wyoming high school also used portable restrooms while their stadium upgrades were being completed. In addition to the reconstructed enhanced seating and improved concession area, were new restrooms. Since the stadium bathrooms were not finished by the first home game, fans were given the opportunity to try out a restroom trailer or go inside one of the school buildings to use the facilities there.Both examples illustrate how convenient it is to use restroom trailers as a solution for any kind of need. Whether you need more facilities in addition to what you already have, or if you just need a facility to take the place of what is being repaired or renovated, consider the many benefits of a portable restroom trailer.
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Brooks offers VIP Trailers to Runners

Those of you who are runners will appreciate this…Brooks, the apparel and shoe company, came up with a “compensation” idea to market their merchandise, as well as encourage runners and create a little fun. What they did was provide a “VIP Porta Potty” at marathons across the nation.After researching what the runners hate about running at marathons, Brooks came up with the “VIP Porta Potty”. These luxurious portable restroom trailers are only available to runners who wear any type of Brooks apparel or shoes at the marathon. And these runners are treated like royalty! Not only do the portable restroom trailers offer heat, running water, and a clean experience, but they are roped off and a red carpet is rolled out, music is played, and a “concierge” service is provided.After the first trial with the portable restroom trailers, Brooks got such an overwhelming positive response that they have since expanded them from six luxury stalls to fourteen. The geniuses behind the marketing ploy have proven to be both clever and witty.Who says execs can’t have a little fun?!?
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Will Rio provide portable restroom trailers for their Olympic guests of 2016??

Another Olympic competition has come and gone. The closing ceremony will be on Sunday. We will say goodbye and thank you to the games, athletes, and to the city of London. It will be a new beginning for some, and an end of an era for others. We will say hello to the city of Rio de Janeiro.We have enjoyed watching the elite athletes of the world compete. The games have provided entertainment to those who simply like to watch a good rivalry, have challenged those who still love to participate in the fitness world, and have introduced a dream to those who are young enough to work towards an Olympic goal.While those of us who stayed here did not take part in the live Olympic experience, we’re hoping that those of you who did make the trek to London had the trip of a lifetime. And we’re hoping that you had a good restroom experience as well! Hopefully London provided plenty of portable restroom trailers throughout the city to make things easier and more convenient for all. We’re looking forward to seeing how Rio uses their resources to provide a clean, safe, and pleasant portable restroom trailer experience for their incoming guests of 2016.See you in Rio!
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Portable Restroom Trailers: A Solution for a Rhode Island School

Facility solutions are a way to solve a problem that a facility has but with minimal disruption to the everyday flow of business or work. Portable restroom trailers do exactly that…they are the solution! Portable restroom trailers provide the temporary bathroom facility when a building is under construction, or when permanent restrooms fail to work, or when there are just simply not enough restrooms for the amount of people present.A school in Rhode Island has seen the value in a portable restroom trailer as a facility solution. They are remodeling their building through next year, so they have rented two ADA compliant restroom units from us for their students and staff to safely and comfortably use. Since the school has standards that they must abide by for handicap accessibility, they chose the high quality ADA compliant portable restroom trailer. This means that anyone in a wheelchair or using equipment will have an easier and safer experience. The low, short ramps and extra wide doors make entering and exiting hassle-free. The extra space inside makes it easier to move around, and the push button flush and high clearance sink make everyday tasks more convenient. And because it’s its own suite, anyone that doesn’t need a handicap accessible unit can use one of the other standard restrooms, which also include flushable toilets, running water, soap, paper towels, and graffiti resistant surfaces for all those budding artists.Keep your business going and your students, guests, or employees clean and safe with portable restroom trailers. Portable Restroom Trailers is the perfect solution to what could be a potentially disastrous problem for your business.
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BEACH is the word with the CMA Music Festival

There are so many reasons why Nashville, TN is the place to be this weekend. One of those reasons is the Soleil Bella Beach event. You will be able to listen to some of your favorite artists while you chill out on the real sand beach. There will also be tons of games, activities, food, photo ops, and more! In conjunction with the summery beach theme, Portable Restroom Trailers is introducing a new beach line of trailers. These upgraded portable restroom trailers are designed to have a softer, more comfortable feel, with a sandy color and beach themed interior. They come in any size and can be both non-ADA and ADA compliant. The ADA compliant units are exactly like the non-ADA ones, but with a significantly larger amount of space. As always, the portable restrooms all come complete with flushable toilets, soap and hand sanitizer, clean running water, paper towels for drying, climate controlled, plenty of space, and fresh air. We might even argue that they offer a little bit of solace, even if it is just for a few minutes…You’ve heard of the saying “your home away from home”? Well, we like to think of these new portable restroom trailers as “your bathroom away from your bathroom”!
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What kind of Portable Restroom Trailers will be at the 2012 CMA Music Festival?

If you love country music, you’ll want to be in Nashville, TN this coming weekend! The 2012 CMA Music Festival will be in town June 7-10. Everything from concerts, to autograph signings, to photo-ops with your favorite artist, to fashion shows, to food and drinks are activities that the festival offers. You will have four fun-packed days and three exciting nights of this country music extravaganza. There should be no reason for anyone to be bored this weekend!Make sure to bring your camera, as well as your sunglasses, a hat, and plenty of sunscreen. It will be typical June weather, hot and sunny. Oh, and should you get tired of the festival events, there are other activities to do around town. has a calendar that they have created so that you can easily see everything else that’s going on around town. And don’t forget about the CMT Music Awards hosted by Toby Keith and Kristen Bell on Saturday night. If you don’t have tickets, you might just be able to run downtown and catch a glimpse of some of the artists.With all the running around, and eating and drinking that you will be doing, you’ll need to take time to go to the bathroom. We’re guessing there will be portable restroom trailers strategically placed throughout the festival. And we’re hoping that the portable restroom trailers will be clean, sanitary, and climate controlled with flushable toilets and running water. While necessary but not required, an ADA compliant portable restroom would also be handy to take care of those who might need handicap access, as they offer plenty of space with an easy and safe entrance.We’re sure you’ve experienced the little one-person porta potty…which portable restroom trailer would you rather use?Wherever you go and whatever the facilities, we wish you a fun and safe country music weekend!
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