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Keeping Beachgoers Safe

Spring Break is right around the corner, and that means many of us will enjoy a few days away from the cold, lying on the beach in the sun, sipping a frozen drink topped with fruit and an umbrella.The only thing that could possibly ruin this ideal vacation would be ending up stuck in your hotel room, nursing a bad stomach illness.It's happened to all of us at one time or another… and we usually blame it on something we ate. But according to a new study just published in Epidemiology, that stomach ache may actually have been caused by the sand you were just laying on.The study found E. coli bacteria and concentrations of sewage on several beaches they studied, and flow-up studies on beaches across the country resulted in the same findings.After interviewing nearly 5,000 beachgoers, they found that people digging in the sand were more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal distress one day after going to the beach, than those people who kept their hands out of the sand.Does that mean you shouldn't dig in the sand when you're at the beach? Not at all. You can still build those epic sandcastles… just make sure to wash your hands right after you put the final flag in the tallest turret.And while rinsing may help to reduce the risk of developing an illness, the best way, according to the researchers, is a good scrubbing with soap and clean water.Can't find a restroom on the beach? Look for a portable restroom trailer. Our portable restroom trailers are stationed at many beaches across the country, and most feature hot water, which is even more effective at killing those illness-causing bacteria. Meaning you can spend more time on the beach, and less time in the hotel room, chugging Pepto.
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Innovative Restroom Features on New Dreamliner 787 are Available in Portable Restroom Trailers

Everyone's been buzzing about the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner that just took to the skies. Besides being very big, very roomy and very luxurious, it also includes all of the latest and greatest tech innovations available.The Dreamliner features such touches as ambient lighting that changes according to time of day and "mood", electrically charged window tinting that dims to block out light without a sliding shade, and personal entertainment systems that allow you to work or play at 30,000 feet. But the one thing that has people talking more than anything else, is the Dreamliner's lavatory design.What's got everyone gushing is the toilets. The restrooms aboard the Dreamliner have a flush system that closes the lid and flushes all with a single button push. Or, for true germaphobes, wave your hand in front of the sensor. All this adds up to a more sanitary experience… but in the world of portable restroom trailers, this is all old news.Our ADA + 2 portable restroom trailer has a toilet in the Unisex ADA Compliant restroom that is push button style (we don't have the hand wave yet), and it helps to not only keep your hands cleaner, but to keep the unit cleaner.Who knew when giant aerospace companies are looking for cutting edge technologies they turn to portable restroom trailers.
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Which is Dirtier: A Portable Restroom Trailer Toilet or Your Computer Keyboard?

If you think a restroom toilet seat, especially a portable restroom trailer toilet seat, is home to more harmful bacteria than your office computer keyboard, you'd be wrong. And it's enough to make you sick.According to, a series of tests conducted in London offices found that more than one in ten keyboards tested positive for E. coli and staphylococcus, the bacteria responsible for food poisoning. And the results were more than 150 times the acceptable limit for bacteria.Lead microbiologist, James Francis said, “Two keyboards examined under a microscope contained levels of bacteria so high they had to be removed from the office.” Adding, “One carried more bacteria than the average toilet seat and I've rarely come across anything as filthy in my 22-year career.”How does a keyboard become dirtier than a much-used office toilet seat? Easy: people eating lunch at their desks, not regularly cleaning their desks and equipment with cleaners (the study found nearly half the employees neglected this), and not following proper hygiene by washing their hands after using the restroom. This is the perfect recipe for bacteria development. And increases the chances for an employee to become ill.Restrooms, on the other hand, are cleaned regularly in most offices. And portable restroom trailers, like ours, are not only cleaned regularly, but some even come with a full-time attendant whose job it is to make sure they're sanitary at all times. Keeping the bacteria risk to a minimum. Which is more than we can say for your computer. Maybe offices should hire keyboard attendants.
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Toilet Tissue Saves Paper Mill and 176 Jobs

While the digital age has driven the demand for paper down, resulting in the closing of hundreds of paper mills nationwide, there is one type of paper that will never see a downturn in demand: Toilet paper. And it's this lowly staple of restrooms everywhere that's the reason one shuttered mill has been reopened, giving 176 people back their jobs.According to a Wall Street Journal article the last mill to close in the tiny town of Gorham, New Hampshire, has been reopened. And the 100-year-old Gorham Paper & Tissue mill has the growing US population, and the demand for toilet paper that comes with it, to thank.In the past, the mills in northern New Hampshire created rolls of writing paper, newsprint and printing paper, but as email and eBooks became more popular, the need for paper dropped an estimated 61% between 2001 and 2011. Workers and families who had worked at these mills for generations, suddenly found themselves unemployed.And they stayed out of work until a private-equity firm noticed the demand for toilet tissue rose over 7% during the same time period. So they bought the mill, hired back many of the workers, and plan on pumping $60 million into the mill. That's a whole lot of green paper to bet on toilet paper.Willis Blevins, the 70-year-old manager of Gorham Paper & Tissue said, "I know of nothing that can replace it. You can do digital on books and financials and all this, but it's hard to do digital on tissue paper, hand towels and so forth." He added, "Your bath tissue is always going to be there, in my opinion. What are you going to replace it with?"He has good reason to be so certain—at Portable Restroom Trailers, we only use the highest quality tissue in our restrooms, and I doubt highly we'll see iToiletPaper announced at an Apple conference any time soon.
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Did the Mysterious Purple Squirrel Visit a Portable Restroom Trailer?

A Pennsylvania couple recently found an odd intruder invading their backyard: a purple squirrel.According to reports, Connie and Percy Emert of Jersey Shore, PA had been trapping pesky animals who were stealing food from the bird feeders in their backyard. And last Sunday, they caught a highly unusual squirrel. A purple squirrel.The brightly colored rodent has caused quite a stir, both on news stations and online, and triggered a slew of theories as to how he got that color, including gene mutation, and the result of a strange diet. A local game warden even took hair samples to analyze.But the theory we subscribe to? We're going to guess the Mysterious Purple Squirrel of Central Pennsylvania simply stopped off in a local porta potty… and fell in. Getting covered in the blue liquid used to control odors. Either that, or a local beauty school student was practicing on local tree dwelling rodents, because she ran out of volunteers. But the porta potty theory is more solid. And if he had stopped in one of our portable restroom trailers instead, at least he would have enjoyed a little heated comfort before becoming a media celebrity.
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Super Bowl Survival: Staying Warm in Portable Restroom Trailers When Nature Calls

Here’s a great story we just found posted on WTHR 13, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis. Seems some people are worried about keeping warm during the cold weather in Indy for Super Bowl weekend, particularly when it comes to using portable restroom trailers.Can you blame them? Sitting on a cold porta potty seat in freezing temperatures can make for one very unpleasant experience. Usually this isn’t a problem, because the game is held in a warm city, like Miami or San Diego, but Indy won the bid for Super Bowl XLVI and they want to show the world that a cold weather city can host a memorable big game weekend.So the city’s event planners went all out to make sure that the hundreds of thousands of visitors who will be pouring into Indy for the big game were warm and cozy at all the events—including the time spent answering nature’s call between events. And that means heat lamps hanging down from the street lamps, heated benches throughout the city, and more than your average portable restroom trailer, with warmer interiors, had to be available.We’re proud to say they chose to include trailers from Portable Restroom Trailers. If you check the link, you’ll see they call them “swanky,” but besides being upscale and comfortable, they also have special winter packages that include heated interiors and heated water. This technology allows outdoor events to be enjoyable for everyone who attends, even when they have to use a portable restroom trailer in the dead of winter. And especially when you’re trying to convince an NFL committee to let you host a Super Bowl again…The good news is planners now have more options available to keep guests coming out to events, no matter what the weather. And can expand planning calendars beyond just the over-booked high season, opening up new business opportunities. It looks like having warm, comfortable portable restroom trailers might just be the swing vote for cold weather cities to host more Super Bowls. You’re welcome, Green Bay…
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