Summer Events

Planning Ahead...Important or Not?

If you’re going to be hosting a large outdoor event this summer whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, or company picnic, most will say to start your preparations now. It's true, planning ahead will ease some of your anxiety and lighten the burden because it will give you plenty of time and allow you to do a more thorough job...
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Swim Meet Failed to Provide Portable Restroom Trailer

I had the opportunity to attend a swim meet last weekend. It was loads of fun! People were everywhere…swimmers, parents, volunteers, and vendors. The atmosphere was relaxed, yet competitive. I think the Olympic spirit had overtaken the swimmers and was present in all! Each team had their own “home base” where the coaches were, and they had separate lanes in...
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No portable restroom trailer makes for a stinky day at the beach!

I had an unappealing but very common experience at the beach last weekend. As I’m sure most of you have done, we brought our food and drinks with us so that we could play a little, eat a little, play a little, etc. Well, eventually after all that eating and drinking, nature began to call. I’m not a big fan...
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Horse Show Missed Out on the Chance to Impress Guests by Not Using Portable Restroom Trailers

This weekend we were at a horse show. It was rainy, muddy, and sticky. I noticed that along with the permanent bathrooms in the main barn and the food shack, there were two porta potty rentals located by the four rows of extra stalls at the far end of the property. As one of the young girls came out of...
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Portable Restroom Trailers Good for Summer Community Camps

It’s hot and sunny and time for camps to begin. All over the country football, baseball, softball, cheer leading, and soccer camps will have kids running around and playing outside. This is great news for kids and parents alike; parents get to work and get things done while kids get to play and exercise. It’s a win-win! Since most sports...
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BEACH is the word with Portable Restroom Trailers and the CMA Music Festival 2012

There are so many reasons why Nashville, TN is the place to be this weekend. One of those reasons is the Soleil Bella Beach event. You will be able to listen to some of your favorite artists while you chill out on the real sand beach. There will also be tons of games, activities, food, photo ops, and more! In...
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