Unisex Bathrooms

Tight Deadline? No Problem With Portable Restrooms!

The Comfort Elite Single Portable Restrooms Trailer that Comcast selected offers a compact yet comfortable environment perfect for any small or remote location like baseball fields, small camp grounds, or flea markets that can easily be staged for more formal events.  This versatile unisex suite features an attractive interior design with a pedal-flush, water-saving china flushable toilet, space-saving corner sink...
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The Latest on the Transgender Bathroom Debate & Unisex Restrooms

A few weeks ago, we published a post covering the history and most recent legislation that’s sparked a national debate on unisex bathrooms and public accommodations for transgender persons. It’s a discussion that continues to rage on, pushing more states than just North Carolina to draft up legislation. In response, the Obama Administration has recently issued a statement and we’re beginning...
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