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Starting a Fledgling Fleet with Mobile Restroom Trailers for Sale

Fleet rentals are some of our largest and most reliable customers.  We provide mobile restroom trailers for sale to some of the largest rental fleets in the country.  But we also work with several small fleets and family-owned rental companies – and their business is just as important to us as any of our larger clients. It is always a...
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Portable Restroom Rentals – Fleet Owners Look to PRT for Success

A small regional fleet owner recently contacted Portable Restroom Trailers to discuss the obstacles they face in their attempts to expand their portable restroom rentals business. As any fleet owner knows, expansion can be a tricky proposition – especially for smaller fleets. In this case, the fleet is owned by a family business that enjoys an excellent reputation for prompt...
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#WECANTWAIT World Toilet Day is November 19th!

#WORLDTOILETDAY WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD NO ACCESS TO A CLEAN TOILET Did you know that 2.5 billion people currently do not?!  It’s a shocking statistic that in 2015 a third of the world’s population fall into this category, having to use an open field, rivers and streams, or other public places on a daily basis which leads...
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