No Hot Water to Wash Hands? CDC Says, “That’s Okay”. Portable Restroom Rentals is prepared to cover you with or without hot water, your preference.
Cold and Flu season is upon us, and the CDC has specific hand-washing guidelines to help you avoid getting sick this winter season. (80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by hands!) But you might be surprised by the temperature of water they suggest to use.

Handwashing Research and Perception
A research study surveyed 510 adults asking questions about hand washing perceptions and habits. People were asked how often they wash their hands and how long they washed their hands. According to the published report, "70% of respondents said they believe that using hot water is more effective than warm, room temperature, or cold water, despite a lack of evidence to back that up.  The research showed a, "strong cognitive connection between water temperature and hygiene in both the United States and Western Europe."
So while many believe hot water is more effective for hand washing the study actually concluded, "the temperature of water used is not related to how well pathogens are eliminated during the process."
Interestingly if you look at the official guidelines for hand washing from the CDC and WHO, both do not actually specify a water temperature.  They do recommend using soap and water and scrubbing using proper technique for at least 20-seconds, followed by drying hands thoroughly.
Despite the research there is still a lot of confusion as some public health organizations still recommend, "elevated water temperature."  The FDA Food Code for example, which is a model used to enforce health standards in restaurants recommends the, "hand washing sink be equipped to provide water at a temperature of at least 100°F or 38°C."
One food service worker recently commented, "I have come across a food safety consultant who insisted that the temperature should be 60°C (140°F).  Observations revealed that staff proceeded to use cold water saying hot water was too hot!  Microbiological swabbing of hands revealed an increase in Campylobacter, E.coli and Listeria counts on hands that were washed in basins when very hot water was demanded by the consultant, compared to hands exposed to water at 40 to 45 °C."
Hot Water Heaters and Portable Restroom Trailers
So, we know that you don’t need hot water to effectively wash your hands. Why is the demand for hot water hand wash in portable restroom trailers so high?
Portable Restroom Trailers receives requests for 2 or 6 gallon Hot Water Heaters or Electric, On-Demand Water Heaters from Food Manufacturers, Government facilities, and Municipalities. We offer a wide selection of large commercial grade, fully climate controlled (with Arctic package - certified up to 30 degrees below zero) if needed. We offer long term leases or lease to own options.
Since 2007, Portable Restroom Trailers, LLC has been working with companies, municipalities, government organizations, and individuals to purchase or rent high-quality portable restrooms. We are the only company that offers clients over seven manufacturers to choose from, providing the best affordable solution. We serve clients domestically and internationally, delivering the best portable restrooms to fit your needs and budget.
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