Have you ever seen a decorated porta potty rolling down the street??
For most of us, the answer is “no” and even the idea is outrageous. But to the residents of Iowa, the experience is not unusual. Every year at the Iowa State Fair there is a competition that involves portable toilets and decorations…it’s called the Outhouse Races. In order to race, you must customize and create your own “outhouse”. It has to have a half door, resembling a real outhouse, and must have a toilet seat over the “throne hole” for the rider. Each team must include four people, a team captain, two to push, and one to ride/steer.
Not only is it a race, but it’s an obstacle race! There are two obstacles that the team and portable potty must encounter and successfully maneuver through to get to the finish line. Once all the teams have competed, awards are given to the first, second, third place teams, as well as to the team with the best house. As crazy as this event sounds, it seems like one of the most entertaining and amusing competitions to watch, and probably even more hysterical for those participating!
Who knew?!? There are so many more uses for portable toilets than just the “normal” practical purposes!