When it comes to the common portable potty, dirty and unhygienic is what comes to mind. Washing hands after using the restroom, is especially important due to the vast amount of germs; however, porta potties never seem to help the cause since there are no sinks or running water.
Last year, a toddler and several others that attended the North Carolina State Fair ended up in the hospital with life threatening illnesses due to bacteria they had on their hands. Research from the Tork Green Hygiene Council shows that 85% of adults do not wash their hands after using a public restroom. People that do not wash their hands after being in a public place are at higher risk for serious illness. Not only is hand washing important after using the restroom, but also after touching public things, before and after handling food, or shaking someone’s hand. It is necessary to wash away harmful germs and bacteria in order to stay healthy.
In order to prevent unnecessary spreading of diseases in public places, such as the fair in North Carolina, portable restroom trailers that contain sinks with running water and an adequate amount of soap are essential. Even if there are other restrooms in the facility, supplying more portable restroom trailers to provide additional sinks to wash hands and avoid long lines will ensure that the guests (and ultimately you) have plenty of opportunity to stay sanitary and healthy.
Imagine where the germs on someone’s hands that didn’t wash after coming out of a portable restroom trailer go… rides, games, food??

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