We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: nothing is as important as the team when it comes to company success. Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, we pride ourselves on not only ensuring that employees are well supported and taken care of, but also celebrating their successes outside of our office.

It’s important to connect with employees at every level and to learn about what their life is like outside of the day-to-day work bubble within the company. Who loves playing sports? Who has kids or beloved animals? When are birthdays and anniversaries? We love getting to celebrate not only the goals achieved at work, but goals achieved in life as well.

That’s why this week, we want to highlight our CFO, Ken, an individual whose past experience has aided in the success of our company, and that has now saved a life! See how Ken, the CFO of Portable Restroom Trailers, used his work history to help someone in need.

The Rebellious Choice to Help

It was a regular morning at the airport, with people coming and going to locations near and far. Ken happened to be there preparing for travel. Nothing seems out of order until the unexpected happened. An airport employee collapsed.

Ken is a retired firefighter and first responder who recognized the signs - the employee was suffering from an apparent heart attack. Given his background, Ken sprung into action. As he got ready to get to work, he was warned not to act or move the body and the help was on the way. With his knowledge, he realized that by the time help arrived, it might be too late.

Despite warnings to not intervene, Ken rebelliously went to the fallen employee and, with the help of another employee, started to perform chest compressions on the man and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They continued in their efforts until the ambulance arrived.

After the fact, Ken was told that the man would survive, and that it was due to his fast thinking action and willingness to break the rules that kept him alive. We are so glad that our team found out about the story so that we could acknowledge Ken, who wanted no praise or glory for doing what was, in his mind, simply the right thing.

An Asset in More Ways Than One

Had we not been overly curious about the lives of our employees outside of the workplace, we may have never learned about this heroic story. We wouldn’t have known about Ken’s experience as a firefighter and first responder, which makes him even more of an asset here at Portable Restroom Trailers.

With his experience and knowledge, we have an inside source that can tell us the needs of some of our most important clients - first responders. When disaster strikes in the nation, these are the people who are on the scene first, ready to serve a community and aid them in whatever way they can. Our job is to provide these first responders with portable restroom trailers that give them those little amenities and comforts that we often take for granted, In making sure we know our employees, we learned that Ken knows what it’s like to be one of these first responders and knows their needs better than anyone else. He’s an asset in so many ways that aren’t shown in the office, and we are proud to call him our CFO.