As fossil fuel reserves around the world continue to be depleted, the energy industry increasingly looks to renewable sources to supply the growing demand for power in cities around the world. We recently helped to facilitate this change when one of Canada’s leading producers of hydroelectric power contacted us to learn more about our portable restroom trailers for sale.  They had a very unusual application, but we found an ideal solution that perfectly met their needs and their budget.
As the energy industry continues its transition to renewable power sources, hydro-power has quickly assumed a prominent global position.  Approximately one-fifth of all electricity in the world today comes from hydro-power plants. And there are more than 60 countries where hydro-power accounts for at least 50% of the total power supply.
Many people assume that all hydro-power still comes from dams, but the industry has developed a number of alternative production methods over the past few decades.  New technologies like run-of-river plants and pumped storage plants allow the natural power of water to be harvested with less environmental impact than a traditional dam, and these alternative methods are becoming more popular with each passing year.

A Canadian Leader in Renewable Energy Production

Our new client is a major player in the energy infrastructure of Canada and all of North America.  Their business owns and operates an array of clean energy assets across the spectrum of modern energy production.  They have business units focusing on natural gas, power plants, and distribution utilities throughout Canada and the United States.
Their company enjoys a strong reputation for successful projects and profitable operations – and we were honored to help them with a very challenging problem when they reached out to ask some specific questions about our restroom trailers for sale.
We have helped many companies with unique challenges over the years – but this was the first time we helped a company specify a trailer for use in an entirely underground application.  Our client was working on a major project, deep inside a massive tunnel. They needed a trailer that would offer comfortable and reliable accommodations for their crew; with a compact footprint that would be safe to operate deep underground.

The Perfect Fit for a Unique Application

When we started looking into this unusual application, there were three key requirements that needed to be met.  First, the unit needed to be safe – it could not emit any fumes or exhaust that might prove dangerous in the confines of the tunnel.  Second – it needed to be built with commercial-grade components that could stand up to tough working conditions. And finally – it needed to provide a low-maintenance solution in a remote location where basic services like water and sewage were not available.
Together, we evaluated several potential solutions before deciding on a single-station unit from our line of commercial-grade restroom trailers for sale.  The unit we delivered is compact and safe, with 3/8-inch HDPE extrusion welded tanks for fresh water and waste.  It is tough, with diamond plate wainscoting and a 1-piece non-skid rubber floor. And it is very low-maintenance, with a 125-gallon freshwater tank and a 370-gallon waste tank in the onboard mechanical room.

While this unit is designed for industrial applications, it also offers all the luxurious features that you have come to expect from PRT’s restroom trailers for sale.  A roof-mounted air conditioner and integrated electric heat strips keep the trailer comfortable at any outside temperature. The authentic china restroom has a convenient foot-pedal flush mechanism, and the wall-mounted ceramic urinal flushes automatically.  The diamond plate vanity features a solid surface countertop with an under-mounted sink, a large shatterproof glass mirror, and a water-saving automatically-closing faucet.

Learn More About PRT’s Lineup of Restroom Trailers for Sale

We can match you up with a restroom to fit just about any application you can come up with – no matter how big or how tough – even if it’s completely underground.  We stock a huge inventory of restroom trailers for sale, with units ranging from executive luxury to industrial durability.  And we can accommodate any size crew with units ranging from a single stall up to 20 stalls or more.
If you’re searching for a mobile restroom solution for a unique or unusual application, contact Portable Restroom Trailers today.  One of our trained representatives will help you identify the best unit to meet your needs. And with a range of flexible financing options – we’re able to find a great solution within the constraints of almost any budget.  Give us a call today at (877) 600-8645 to learn more.