For a long time, the options for temporary restrooms have been limited. Most of the time, no matter what event you attend, you always inevitably see the dreaded row of porta potties that most of us aren’t too eager to use. We have found that, when chatting with party hosts, event planners, office managers, and others who are in charge of finding temporary restroom solutions for special occurrences, the last thing they want to do is have that eyesore present. When it comes to these special events and gatherings, especially those that are cocktail, formal, or black tie, what other solutions are there? In steps our portable restroom rentals.

When faced with the challenge to not only offer a portable bathroom solution that was an upgrade from the porta potty, but also a unit that paid special attention to interior design and event ambiance, we were excited to find that solution. We are proud to say that we have.

Below, you’ll find a short list of recommendations for the more high caliber occasions that come up through the year. These portable restroom rentals are intentionally manufactured to provide guests with an upscale experience that matches the rest of their environment. See the options below, then browse our full collection after gaining inspiration! 

2 Station Luxury Series

luxury portable restroom rentals

For a small crowd of VIPs, the 2 Station Luxury Series is a great choice. Perfect for outdoor venues that host many cocktail or black tie events throughout the year, this is one of our versatile portable restrooms for rent that is climate controlled for comfort, unisex so that all can use the restroom when they need to, and pays attention to design.

4 Station Coastal Series

Another one of our portable restroom rentals that pays special attention to not only quality, but design as well, is the 4 Station Coastal Series. With a two-tone blue and grey color palate and soft ambient lighting, this unit is sure to impress executives at conferences, meetings, and more. 

7 Station Royal Series

portable restroom rentals executive

For crowds of up to 350 guests, this 7 station restroom trailer is efficient and graceful. With interior design inspired by the elegant wood and browns of an executive office, it is a fun yet functional portable restroom option. With four stalls in the women’s suite and 1 stall plus two urinals in the men’s suite, it’s a versatile unit capable of handling your medium-sized crowd with ease.

ADA +8 Station Island Series

ADA portable restroom rentals

Accessibility is often a priority when looking for a restroom option, temporary or permanent. With this in mind, we have created an entire line of portable restroom rentals that are ADA-compliant in all 50 states. ADA-compliant does not mean sacrificing ambiance and design. The Maui Series boasts coordinating earth tones and high-end touches, ensuring that it matches the tone of upscale events.

With these options in mind and even more to browse, we encourage you to see what other portable restroom rentals we have to offer. Check out the full list and request your quote today!