Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is an adventure park located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Charles W. Darrow was the first to discover the system of caves in the 1800s. Darrow decided to open up the caves to the public in 1895. Two years later, Darrow brought lights into the caves, blasted out a tunnel into the canyon, and installed an observation deck. The caves were closed in 1917  due to the war, and stayed closed until 1999 when the owners reopened them to the public.
In 2003, many attractions and improvements were initiated. The main attractions included mountain top access by gondola, the first Alpine coaster in the U.S., a swing that takes you out over the canyon, a mountain top restaurant, and mining activities. Over the past 12 years more attraction have been added, including a 4-D theater, laser tag, a rock climbing wall, a zip line course, and bungee jumping.Glenwood Caverns
Up until recently, the restroom facilities at this amazing adventure park have been minimal. The guests have only had access to porta potties, or a nearby hotel to use their restroom facilities. Waiting in long lines, and venturing out and away from the fun to find a bathroom can be quite aggravating.
The park realized that a better, low cost, practical solution was necessary, so they called Portable Restroom Trailers for help. They have since upgraded their facility by purchasing a 2015 Comfort Series Elite 2-Station restroom trailer with an arctic package. This trailer has two private suites. One suite is for women and the other is for men. Each unit has a flushable toilet; the men’s also has a urinal, and they both contain a sink, soap, and clean water for washing. The Comfort Series restroom trailer has a simplistic design with paneled walls and linoleum floors which makes cleaning very easy.
The arctic package that this portable restroom has is perfect for trailers that will be used in cold environments like Colorado. The portable trailers with arctic packages are made with extra heating vents, as well as a special warm gel that flows through the pipes. This special treatment prevents the pipes and the whole trailer from freezing. It is an essential add-on for a restroom trailer that will be used in arctic-like conditions, such as Colorado.
We wish the best to Glenwood Caverns and know your new restroom trailer is going to be a huge success!