According to news reports, teenagers have a new approach to getting a buzz. They are now turning to hand sanitizer for alcohol consumption. As sickening as it sounds, we all know that teenagers tend to have a “nothing will happen to me” mindset, which makes them willing to take on all kinds of risks. Throw that on top of the fact that everyone has access to hand sanitizer and we have a very dangerous new trend.
In order to kill germs, hand sanitizer must have very high alcohol content. This makes it easier and quicker to get the buzz teenagers are looking for, especially when mixed with salt. The salt separates the alcohol out, making it even stronger and more hazardous. A small amount goes a long way.
This new discovery isn’t dangerous strictly because of the consumption, but because teenagers have access to hand sanitizer wherever they go. It’s available at home, school, doctor’s offices, stores, portable restroom trailers, just to name a few. Imagine a group of teenagers hanging out on a Friday night, looking for something to do. They grab a shaker of salt and wander to a nearby field that has a couple of portable restroom trailers. Since portable restroom trailers aren’t locked, they go inside, squirt out all of the hand sanitizer from the dispensers, and they now have a "potentially deadly cocktail”.
Only time will tell what will come of this new trend. I wonder… since there seem to be so many additional issues with porta potties, are they as beneficial as we once thought?